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FC Dallas v Chicago Fire

Always stylish former Fire defender Bakary Soumare has graciously agreed to answer some questions from you guys.

I’m guessing the 24-year-old Soumare, who transferred from the Fire to French Ligue 1 side Boulogne back in August, will have a good deal to say about his time at Boulogne ([where he has become entrenched in the starting lineup](, the dismissal of Denis Hamlett ([who he infamously fought with at halftime of his final game with the Fire](, and much more, so ask away.

Get your questions posted by the end of the day Monday and I’ll send the ones that make the cut to Baky.


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  • You didn't leave the Fire on the greatest terms. What, if anything, would you have done differently? Were you satisfied with your performance in your last couple of games with the Fire?

  • Bakary - First, we miss you and it's no surprise that you are starting now.
    What do you miss most about Chicago and your teammates? What are the most fun and most challenging parts of being with your new squad? If Rolfe asked for your advice, which he should do, about playing outside MLS, and the adjustments one makes to playing outside of Chicago, what would you tell him?
    Best wishes.

  • Bakary -

    Thanks for all the great moments with the Fire. 1) What was the biggest problem holding the Fire back the last two seasons from winning the MLS Cup? 2) If you were still with the Fire, what kind of coach would you want to see become the next coach of the Fire now that Hamlett is gone? 3) If your form improved and bigger clubs came looking, what League would you most like to play in?

  • Baky: I am very happy that you are doing well in France. take it from me that we miss you and wish you were still here. What is your goal for the remainder of your career? Would you like to come back to Chicago one day after you've won the Champions League with ?

  • In reply to patrickhattrick:

    Supposed to say (insert world-class team here) after with

  • In reply to patrickhattrick:

    Baky, so glad you are living your dream playing in Europe. How big of a difference is there from the quality of play in both leagues?

  • In reply to patrickhattrick:

    I've sent all of your questions to Bakary so if you haven't gotten yours in yet, sorry about that. I'll post all of his answers as soon as I get them.

  • Bakary... Hope all is going well. In France what position are you playing? central defense or holding midfielder?

  • Baky- we wish you the best where ever you go.

    1) later in your career, if the opportunity arises, would you ever contemplate retiring with the Fire (ala McBride) or was there conflict at more levels then just Hamlett?

    2) What was the most difficult thing you had to adapt to when you arrived at Boulogne?

    3) How are you liking the French league?

  • Hey Sam, please forward this to Baky ASAP!!

    Baky, it's giaco. You deleted your FB account before we exchanged emails. Liam and I are going to be in London during your break. London on the 28th and Paris the 29th. Shoot me an email about when would be convenient for you to hang out(

  • Baky,

    We've never really heard your side of the story regarding what the incident in the locker room with Hamlett. How do you respond to Hamlett's comments at the time that you were not committed to the team?

    Would you have been amenable to finishing the year with the Fire and transferring in January?

  • What are your top 3 favorite games/moments with the Fire?

    Do you think the Fire should hire the new coach from outside MLS or should they stay inside with someone that knows the ins and outs of MLS?

  • 1) How is the atmosphere at the club when you're fighting a relegation battle?

    2) How is the scrutiny on your performance at the back in France compared to that in Chicago?

    3) Have you come close to scoring a goal, do you get to run in the box on corners?

    4) Best player you have faced in Ligue 1?

    5) How is the coaching, training, tactics different then what you experienced here?

    6) Would you have transferred to Boulogne in the winter had Denis not precipitated the incident with you, or if he had reached out and apologized for what transpired instead of making you the scapegoat of the incident?

    7) Many people feel Denis' fate was sealed when he got into the altercation with you, was it a fire-able offense in your view?

  • shows that Boulogne had about 1,000 at their latest game?!

    If Boulogne is regulated, could you see a return to the Fire? I mean I know everyone says that MLS has low attendance and the USA has a great apathy for soccer but Section 8 and Toyota Park must provide a better or equal atmosphere to Boulogne and doesn't the MLS level of play equal or surpass Ligue 2?

  • If Boulogne does get relegated... are you open to playing somewhere else?.. or do you think u will be with Boulogne for seasons to come?

  • Baky -

    Good luck pushing your club the second half and avoiding the drop.

    What is your assessment after 1/2 a season of the level of play in MLS versus Lique 1. Where would the Fire be positioned in the table if you had to guess?

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