Expansion Draft Update; Top 10 Fire Goals

Matt Reis, Patrick Nyarko

Hey everyone, have a little Saturday morning update for you courtesy of scaryice — who tipped me off to these stories via email. Here we go…

**Nyarko Graduating Generation Adidas?**

According to [this post on Climbing the Ladder, Patrick Nyarko could be graduating from the Generation Adidas program](http://usasoccer.blogspot.com/2009/09/graduating-from-generation-adidas.html). The significance of this is that the Fire would have to protect Nyarko in the expansion draft should he graduate, taking one slot away from another Fire player.

According to the post on Climbing the Ladder, no second year Generation Adidas with as many minutes played as Nyarko has failed to graduate the program so it looks very much like the Fire will have to put him on their protection list. **Fire’s Top 10 Goals of the Year**

Also from scaryice comes a video of the Fire’s top 10 goals of the year. Check it out below…


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  • Nyarko was on the Gen Adidas roster announced this week for the trip to South Africa. So would his status be changing between now and Wednesday when the draft is taking place?

  • In reply to NaperSteve:

    The articles also from mid-September and talks of a deadline of September 15th for 'locking' rosters. So I'm making an assumption that Nyarko is still GA and not requiring protection.

    That analysis was sgnificant but neglected to include one key fact. MLS changed (reduced) roster sizes prior to 2009 so who know what impact that change has on the way GA is managed.

    I don't think the Fire need to protect him.

    A Self Declared Expert ;-)

  • In reply to NaperSteve:

    Steve, players who graduate at the end of the year have gone on those trips before. That shouldn't make a difference.

    MLS doesn't usually make an official announcement of GA graduates. We just find out when the protected/exposed lists come out.

    I expect the following players to graduate from GA status:

    Wallace, R.

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