Soumare to Boulogne

FC Dallas v Chicago Fire

According to [a report from](, Fire defender Bakary Soumare is finally making his long-awaited move to Europe as he will leave Chicago to join Boulogne-Sur-Mer of the French Ligue 1 for a reported fee of 1.5 million Euros ($2.15 million).
Though the deal has yet to officially go through, the newly-promoted Boulogne is expecting to complete the transfer by Wednesday at the latest.

The 23-year-old Malian international, who hasn’t played for the Fire since he got into an altercation with Head Coach Denis Hamlett at halftime of the Fire’s 3-2 loss to Houston on August 9th, was named to the 2008 MLS Best XI and has been a mainstay of the team’s back four in 2009. Expect veteran defender C.J. Brown to get the lion’s share of the minutes created by Baky’s departure, with Dasan Robinson filling in when need be.

I’ll get a lot more info on this topic tomorrow while at Toyota Park for the Fire’s match against Colorado and you can expect a full-write up on the transfer sometime early in the week. Until then, share how you feel about Baky’s departure (personally, a little dissapointed…) and how you think the Fire will do without him (they should be all good, C.J. and Dasan are very capable center backs…) below.

Oh, and apologies for not getting this story up sooner. I was sans-internet pretty much all day and just learned of the story very late tonight/very early this morning.


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  • I have said in a couple different topics how I have felt about Baky this year. He thinks he is a world class defender and is just a good MLS defender. If he plays like this in France he is going to have a tough time. When he needs to earn his spot and just goes about his business like last season $2.15m is an absolute steal.

    Now for the fire, 2.15m is nothing at all for a young, tall, international player of Soumares ability. I know "he's not commited" and all that garbage but either was Conde last year. There is no way they would have sold Conde for that little of money. I doubt that the Fire will let Soumare make an appearance at half time or before the game to say goodbye or let us give him a farewell but it would be nice.

    Best of luck Bakary and always remember where your career started.

  • Best of luck to Baky!

    I can only hope the other party involved in the altercation is gone next.

  • Good luck Baky, you're a fantastic young talent with loads of potential; however, one day you'll learn that the circumstances under which you're leaving will not reflect well on you. There are plenty of young talents in sports that are far more mature in knowing how to deal with difficulty, including when dealing with an arse like Denis.

    Hopefully you'll mature so you leave on better terms the next move you make, it will only be a benefit to your career. Best of luck and I'm excited to follow your progress in France and in Africa.

    On another note, I hope the club is smart enough to re-sign Blanco, Conde, Segares, McBride and Rolfe if at all possible. But any or all of those signings would mean nothing if we don't also have a coach who knows how to get the best out of that talented group . . . Denis has proven he does not possess that talent.

  • the fire will miss baky for sure and i wish him well and look forward to see how he plays in france (assuming this actually happens). the whole baky - hamlett situation leaves a bit of a bad taste though. very unprofessional from both of them.

  • To make a long story short, Baky should have won the fight. He is the best defender on our team and one of the best in the league, and from what I've seen, he's a lot nicer to your average twelve-year-old adoring fan than Hamlett. The best of luck to him, he deserves better than that miserable excuse for a coach.

  • Baky sucks. I cannot believe anyone will be sad to see him go. He is clumsy, makes as many disastrous mistakes as good defensive plays, and thinks that blasting the ball to the opposing goalkeeper counts as a pass (though this seems to be a common trait on the Fire, just watch Bush's distribution). Conde is a thousand times better - I'm just glad I haven't heard of any foreign teams clamoring for him.

  • I know they're professionals, but the head coach should be the one with the cool head in this situation. I don't like it at all. Without McBride, we should be making adjustments to our distribution game, and with our back line thinning out, coach should have known not to push more buttons on the hot dial. Very very dissapointed.

    Oh well. I guess it was only a matter of time before a talent like Baky would be going home anyway. Way to kick him out though. This one's on Hamlett

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