Fire Practice Report: 8-17

Chicago Fire v Los Angeles Galaxy

I was at the Toyota Park training field today and although only about half of the Fire’s roster was on the field with me (don’t worry, the rest aren’t injured, just inside lifting weights) it was still a pretty busy news day. Read on for all the latest… **Baky’s Back -**

Defender Bakary Soumare returned to the Fire for the first time since his altercation with Head Coach Denis Hamlett at halftime of last Sunday’s 3-2 loss at Houston. I wasn’t able to talk with Baky, but I did speak with his agent, former Fire defender Diego Gutierrez, who addressed last weekend’s “incident.”

“Really there’s nothing to it,” said Gutierrez. “It’s an incident where Baky and the coach got into a heated argument and it obviously has consequences because it happened in front of the group but it’s something that I think the team has dealt with quickly and [that’s good].”

Gutierrez also discussed the fallout from the incident and how Baky is dealing with it.

“Nobody likes to have disagreements especially with your coach,” said Gutierrez. “I think the player knows what’s at stake and what the consequences are but only time will tell what will happen moving forward. There’s certainly enough responsibility from both parties but everybody has to be held accountable and I think the team has addressed that.”

And I couldn’t let Diego get away without first asking him about some of the transfer rumors swirling around his client – again, the latest is that Ligue 1 side Bolougne is interested.

“There are several teams interested in [Baky],” said Gutierrez. “There have always been offers for him because he’s a quality player but currently he’s a Fire player and he belongs to MLS so until that changes we can’t really talk about what can happen.”

**Injury updates -**

In some good news both John Thorrington (groin) and Wilman Conde (hamstring) participated in the full training today. The Fire is taking a wait-and-see approach as to whether or not the two will be available for Wednesday’s game against L.A., but both looked good in practice.

“We’ll wait to see how they respond from today,” said Fire Head Coach Denis Hamlett. “Usually you train hard and the next day they come in and sometimes they feel great and we have to make sure to wait to see how they are but it was nice to see them both get through the training session.”

I was able to speak to Thorrington and he seemed pretty optimistic that he’ll be able to give it a go on Wednesday night.

“It felt good,” said Thorrington. “Now we’ll just see how my groin recovers but I was pleased with how today went. I pushed pretty hard and didn’t feel any hints of it so now it’s just a question of continuing my rehab and making sure I recover after today with no issues.”

There is some bad news on the injury front though. I learned today that defender Gonzalo Segares will be out for a total of 4-6 weeks with the MCL sprain he suffered against Houston. That early timetable means he should be able to return in mid to late September.

**KC Reaction -**

The Fire was very pleased to get out of a sweltering Kansas City yesterday with the win. I got a chance to talk to Denis Hamlett about the result and here is what he had to say…

“It was an important win,” said Hamlett. “Three points with the schedule we’ve had lately, with the injuries and everything was good. Especially given we were playing in Kansas City, a team with a new coach and playing them in a small field I thought our guys went in with a good game plan and we stuck to it and got a good result.”


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  • How many Fire players is Gutierrez represeting?

  • In reply to Adam25:

    At least three that I know of Baky, Conde and Pappa. There might be one or two more.

  • In reply to Adam25:

    I'll say ditto to Adam's comment. The blog is maturing nicely into a solid source of Fire info, which is better than anything else out there. It's frustrating sometimes to hear about locker room 'incidents' a week after they happen (I'm not criticizing), but at least we hear about them and someone's asking the questions... even if the answers aren't terribly illuminating. (In related news, it sounds like Diego's doing a fine job as an agent. He really must have earned an A+ in that "How to be quoted without saying anything" class that all agents, coaches, front office personnel, and most players are required to take.

  • In reply to Adam25:

    I was a big fan of "THE RED CARD" with Arroyove. I got to say once you got up and runnin' its been. One thought though. Try a prediction on all MLS games for the week. Not just the Fire. It really helps put the BIG picture into perspective for the whole season. FIRE4EVER

  • In reply to Booglet:

    I've actually been thinking of doing that for a long time. If you guys are interested I'll definitely start to try and integrate it into the blog.

  • In reply to Booglet:

    I'll echo the above. Great work Sam. You are it so on't hesitate to put up any tidbit of Fire news even if you don't have time to write a full article. We're all starved for info. on the team we love. Thanks for filling the void and keep up the GREAT work.

  • In reply to Adam25:

    I meant to say it's been "great". My fingers weren't working with my head. FIRE4EVER

  • In reply to Adam25:

    the guys are right. i was a huge red card fan, but now you're number 1!
    Diego has got himself quite a following as an agent, lots of talent considering baky pappa and conde. Great guy doing great things. keep up the good work sam!

  • In reply to Adam25:

    Thanks a lot guys. It really means a lot to me that you're all enjoying the blog. I feel like I've been progressing as a writer and reporter and I'm hoping the site continues to improve as we go. But thanks again for the comments -- they really do drive the site -- and know that as we get closer and closer to playoff time, I'm only going to be working harder...

  • Sam, I must say you are becoming my # 1 source for Fire news. I follow the Fire home page but they don't cover as much as you. Keep it up!

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