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Fire vs DC United

Despite their horrible performance in a 2-0 defeat to the L.A. Galaxy last night, the Fire will go on and their focus must now turn to Sunday’s increasingly important match against Colorado. But before we get to the Fire’s next game, I wanted to pass along a few bits of info I picked up last night at Toyota Park… **C.J. Brown’s take on the “incident”**

Sun Times and Daily Southtown reporter Nick Firchau was kind enough to let me (a late arrival to Toyota Park, thank you traffic…) jump in on his interview with C.J. Brown on the Bakary Soumare-Denis Hamlett situation.

“For me it’s just a matter of everybody kind of flying around,” said Brown. “The coach is in the heat of the moment of the game trying to get the program right, players are pissed off because either people in front of them or around them aren’t doing well or they’re not playing very well, and when all that goes into the locker room after the game or at the half… you’re going to get some people that don’t handle it well and then you’re going to get the blowup.”

Brown – who said that the Fire is beyond the incident and only concentrating on winning games – thinks that the situation can be remedied, but only by Soumare taking the initiative.

“It’s going to be up to Baky,” said C.J. “If he wants it to be fixed he needs to come in and speak with the coaches, speak to the team. If he wants to make it happen he can make it happen. Everybody understands Baky’s situation, everybody understands Denis’s situation, and nobody is holding any grudges.”

C.J. – a veteran of many locker room “incidents” – said that it was unusual for something like this to leave the locker room.

“I’ve seen so many things go on in the locker rooms and none of its ever gotten to the point of fines that people know about,” said Brown. “It’s always been internal. There were consequences but it was always dealt with by us players.”

As far as my take on the situation, I agree with C.J. that it can only be remedied by Baky himself. Whether or not the Malian international wants to fix the situation at this point is another story. I mean, if I was looking to be transferred to a bigger league/bigger team than not being “100% committed” to the Fire – and thus not even making the bench — might be a good way to ensure a departure. Just sayin…

Also, I (like C.J.) was confused as to why the Fire sent out the press release detailing the incident and the fines. It certainly would’ve been a whole lot easier on the club if they had kept the matter in house with media-types like myself none the wiser…

**Injury updates**

I was fortunate enough to briefly speak with Brian McBride, Tim Ward and Gonzalo Segares after last night’s game and according to what they told me, it looks like their respective recoveries are coming along well. Here is an individual run through of each player’s situation…

Player – Brian McBride

Injury – Torn right labrum, had surgery in July

Prognosis – Out 3-4 months, puts return somewhere in the range of mid-October to mid-November

Update – McBride is feeling good and pleased with how the rehab is going. In fact, he told me he may even be a little ahead of schedule and could return before mid-October.

Player – Tim Ward

Injury – Broken toe on left foot, suffered in the SuperLiga final two weeks ago

Prognosis – Out 4-5 weeks, puts return somewhere in the next couple weeks

Update – Ward, who was wearing a walking boot on his left foot, said that he was feeling good but that it’ll be at least a couple more weeks.

Player – Gonzalo Segares

Injury – Sprained left MCL, suffered in the Houston game a week and a half ago

Prognosis – Out 6-8 weeks, puts return in late-September/early-October

Update – Gonzalo said that he was hoping he’ll be back in 4 weeks but that it was more likely that he won’t return for another 5-6, possibly even 7 weeks.


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  • I guess it doesn't bother some people that your head coach is one of those people who didn't handle the situation well.

    If Hamlett did speak to Baky as he claims, why is the situation still not resolved. Baky has plenty of blame here, but the supposed leader of your team has got to be better than this.

    I suspect the Fire released the information because they had a heads up that the story was going to hit the media.

  • I say get rid of both of them. We dont need Baky and we dont need Hamlett. Im more worried about Ward and Segares. We need them more than we need Baky. Priadeux and Washington on the outside would look good for NY not us. When you go from Ward and Segares to Priadeux and Washington you are going to drop alot of talent and get torched on the wings by decent players like last night.

  • Dear Brian McBride,
    The city of Chicago sincerely misses your leadership both on and off the field.
    Your Fans

    P.S. PLease heal soon.

  • In everyone

  • I have been a fan of McBride's for many years but I am not sure bringing him back at the end of the season makes a whole lot of sense unless he plans on being used as a sub. Hopefully, although I am not very optimistic about this, the team will have adapted to his NOT being there and to have to re-adapt going into the playoffs would only serve to screw things up more than they are now. IMO, Brian should shut it down and allow himself plenty of time to heal, and if he so desires, give it a shot next February.

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