Barca vs. Man U: The Final

The Champions League Final has arrived.  Super clubs Manchester United and Barcelona square off today in Rome, and while the match obviously has nothing to do with the Fire, it is so big in the soccer world that I had to devote a short post to it.

Personally, I am very excited for what I think will turn out to be a great match between what I believe to be the top two clubs in the world.  Obviously the Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Leo Messi storyline is a big one, and deservedly so.  They are unquestionably the best two players in the world right now and any match that pits them against each other is a huge one. 

I will be watching the match from the comfort of my home here at Northwestern (unfortunately I will not be making it to the Globe) and will personally be cheering for Barca (you have to love their attacking flair).
As far as predictions go, I think that it will be a tight one, but that
Barca (despite a depleted back line) will emerge as Champions with a 2-1 win.  Ronaldo and Messi will
each get their goals, but I think that Barcelona midfielder Andres
Iniesta will again make the difference and score another late winner
for Barca.

I’ll also be posting my thoughts on the match below,
so keep an eye out for that (along with some additional Fire vs. Chivas
USA content) throughout the match/day.

Feel free to post any
predictions/comments you have about the match prior to and after (well
not for predictions…but you get the idea) the match.  And be sure to
enjoy it, it’s rare that a game of this magnitude comes along.


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  • Barca Won 2-0 and what a game Man U were played out of their shorts. My Man of the Match was the Brazilian defender Sylvinho who stepped up for suspended Eric Abidal. Puyol Had a great game and was constantly frustrating Man U, eventually drawing a yellow card for C. Ronaldo, which shows that he has a lot of growing up to do.

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