With low rates and no PMI, buyers get more for their money through Fresh Horizon Realty

Fresh Horizon Realty, Chicago

They have the usual bells and whistles. The 100-percent rehabbed interior with custom paint and wood trim. The granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and designer cabinets. The luxurious master bath, central air and washer / dryer. So what set the condos at 1625 W North Shore Ave in Rogers Park apart from the rest of the North Side’s rehabbed properties?

How about an advertised monthly payment as low as $988, including taxes and monthly assessments, and no private mortgage insurance?

These homes represent just one of six new and newly rehabbed properties — condos, townhomes and a newly-constructed luxury single-family home — that are part of Fresh Horizon Realty‘s “Fresh Look Sale.” In addition to affordable prices and attractive financing, Fresh Horizon has put together a package of special incentives that further sweeten the deal for buyers.

They include a $5,000 contribution toward closing costs and the ability to use the federal home buyer tax credits ($8,000 for first-time buyers, $6,500 for subsequent purchasers) as a down payment. Buyers will even receive a free consultation with Fresh Horizon’s in-house interior design team.

So how does Fresh Horizon do it? According to the brokerage’s real estate specialist and Chicago Association of Realtors Rookie of the Year Mike Zapart, it’s a matter of considering everyone’s needs.

“Banks and developers who have property to sell in this difficult market are faced with some pretty unappealing alternatives: either sit on it until the market improves, or take a huge loss and unload it to a bulk discount buyer,” Zapart says. “We present them with another option — we complete the rehab process with great design and quality finishes, and aggressively market the property for a quick sale. We work very closely with community banks to create unique financing programs with low down payments and below-market rates to offer buyers additional buying power. The result is a win / win situation for everybody, including the community, who benefit when an empty, half-completed project is replaced by new neighbors and paid-up property taxes.”

This special financing and incentive package is available at numerous Chicagoland properties. Visit www.FreshHorizonRealty.com or call 773-433-3394 for more information.

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