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Adventures in conclusion jumping, Part 4: George Zimmerman's artistic outlet

THE BLOGGER’S NOTE: This post is the fourth in a six-part series on why people make judgments based on limited information. Here are the first three called “Adventures in conclusion jumping, Part 1,” “Adventures in conclusion jumping,Part 2: Police shootings,and “Adventures in conclusion jumping,Part 3: Game of Thrones.” Photoshop or the manipulation of pictures, is... Read more »

Adventures in conclusion jumping, Part 1

Adventures in conclusion jumping, Part 1
Jumping to conclusions without having all the facts is more commonplace than ever. Recently, NBA star Kobe Bryant made some comments regarding the George Zimmerman trial and the Miami Heat’s stance. In an article published  in The New Yorker called “The Fourth Quarter,” Bryant said this about the Miami Heat’s team photo with each the... Read more »

Affluenza doesn't work for us normal folk

                                                                         (Courtesy of the Associated Press) Affluent or ‘connected’ people getting their way and influencing court cases is an old story. Our former mayor may have done something similar regarding the David Koschman case in which his nephew is involved in. Having said that, why does this case involving a 16 year-old kid from an... Read more »

These Assholes Always Get Away:Who's To Blame For The Zimmerman Verdict

These Assholes Always Get Away:Who's To Blame For The Zimmerman Verdict
“These assholes always get away” is what neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman told the police dispatcher right before  he got out of his car to follow Trayvon Martin. Last night, another one got away. I won’t bore you with the details. They have been well documented. As someone who is a journalism student and a... Read more »

Trayvoning has taken the place of planking in the temporary foolishness category

Many people were outraged when they saw a Facebook page called “Trayvoning”. Normally a hyperlink would be posted but the page was taken down. Much like the god-awful fad Planking, Trayvoning is lying on the ground while wearing a hoodie and hold a pack a skittles. Since we already know the circumstances surrounding the death... Read more »

A view from inside the courtroom during the Howard Morgan sentencing

When I first heard about Howard Morgan I said to myself: Why is this my first time hearing about this?  Due to social media and the Trayvon Martin situation this case received a second life. This story is one of the least-known stories I have ever seen. Clearly this story has so many elements mainly... Read more »

Wearing a Blackhawks t-shirt did not save me from being profiled

I am getting the notion that some people believe that racism or preconceived notions do not factor into when a person is profiled. I strongly disagree with that notion. I read a story online a few weeks ago where a white man who was picking up his black granddaughter from school when someone saw him... Read more »

Let's post the addresses of the drug dealers and gangbangers who have ruined our neighborhoods!

I have noticed a disturbing trend in social media due to the Trayvon Martin shooting and the Chicago Police Officer who shot two unarmed people on the city’s Westside last week. I saw on Spike Lee’s twitter account the address of George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer involved in the Martin shooting. In return, some... Read more »

I've been in Trayvon Martin's shoes don't knock it until you have tried

How does an armed neighborhood watch volunteer with an arrest record disregard a police dispatcher’s orders get into a scuffle with a 17 year old kid who he bigger than kill him and not be sitting to a jail cell?  To some this may be a hard question to answer. To a group of people... Read more »