Dear white people, please stop calling me Rick Ross

BLOGGER’S NOTE: Shout out to the people who had the courage to come up with the idea for the movie, “Dear White People.”

A few weeks ago, I was on my way to work when someone looked at me and yelled “Hey! What’s up Rick Ross?”

That instance happens more than I care to admit.

I’ve been mistaken for a fellow Chicago Now blogger on a few occasions.

I was not wearing Ross’ traditional sunglasses and the actual, Rick Ross, the rapper (I know who the original is), has a darker complexion than me.

Yes, I understand that a physically imposing Black man like me, who sports a bald head and a full beard, will be compared to every other famous Black man who does the same.

Why can’t I just be a man who wears a certain hair style because it’s comfortable? Let’s not overthink this.

After looking at a sample size that was big enough to warrant a hypothesis, I can say this:

Dear white people (not all, but some), please stop comparing me to every Black man you see on TV. We DO NOT all look alike. You need to get out more!!!!

Admittedly, I have a hard time on what to make of someone who says something that is willfully ignorant.

If I say something, most likely, they will call the police and say that I was being aggressive.

Do I say that they might be unaware of their racism?

Or do I write them off as being stupid?

After all, that would be a good way to thin the herd.

I think these people need to find David Alan Grier’s book called “How to Tell Black People apart.”

That way, they can diagnose themselves with P.A.T.W.W.F.L.L.M., commonly known as “Pay attention to what we f—kin look like m———r!”

Due to my current hair style, I am often confused/ridiculed/associated with the following people:

Rick Ross

Kimbo Slice


Anyone who has ever played in NFL.

Also, when I had a bald head and no facial hair, I got the following:

Frank Thomas

Shaq O’Neal

Michael Clarke Duncan

Due to what I do for a living and the sports I’ve covered (baseball and hockey), I’m around a lot of white people.

If I can differentiate between them, some of you can do the same for the Black people you know.

If you scoff at this post, that says more about you than it does about me.

Think about it.


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