A letter to the folks who dislike #SoChicago

A letter to the folks who dislike #SoChicago

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To the folks (no pun intended) who dislike “So Chicago,”

The people who grew up here used the moniker to reminisce about the city they grew up in.

Let’s not overthink it. This isn’t Animal Farm or 1984.

For the people who spend a lot of time being a wet blanket for no apparent reason, let the people have their fun with “So Chicago.”

I don’t say anything when some of you move here for diversity but you end up moving somewhere that says the opposite.

I don’t get mad when some of you post twerking videos or fights.

I don’t say anything when you can’t name any of your neighbors, the precinct captain, the alderman or the name of the mailman/woman.

I don’t say anything when some of you talk trash about people online but have nothing to say when that person is in your face.

I don’t get mad when I see some of you wearing Chicago flag patches/tattoos but you’ve never been south of Roosevelt or west of Pulaski.

After all, we loved growing up here. We had a damn good time. Most of us will be here when you leave. Also, what do you want us to do? Most of us wake up in the morning and turn on the news or log into social media to hear that our friends have been murdered. That’s a true story!! This has happened to me twice this year already.

Look at “So Chicago” as a way to learn something about our city that you may not have known previously.

It’s never too late to learn something.

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