Adventures in conclusion jumping, Part 4: George Zimmerman's artistic outlet

THE BLOGGER’S NOTE: This post is the fourth in a six-part series on why people make judgments based on limited information. Here are the first three called “Adventures in conclusion jumping, Part 1,Adventures in conclusion jumping,Part 2: Police shootings,and “Adventures in conclusion jumping,Part 3: Game of Thrones.”

Photoshop or the manipulation of pictures, is turning the internet upside with rage.

Last week, I came across this picture online:

George Zimmerman Holding Painting Of Tryvon Martain And His Dad

At first glance, many were outraged.

Some took to Twitter voice their disapproval:



Next, an article was posted with the original picture:

George Zimmerman Holding Painting Of Tryvon Martain And His Dad

Once a link was posted showing evidence of a doctored photo, some of those same people calmed down.


Upon further review, someone out there wanted the fan the flames(no pun intended), of an already polarizing situation. Making something out of nothing. The person who created the original post didn’t even bother to spell Martin’s last name correctly.

Some will never forgive Zimmerman his actions. This why it is so easy for people to get worked up on the very sight of him. After all, he was in talks for a celebrity boxing match against DMX along with making an appearance at a gun show.

As much as some continue to be angry with Zimmerman, any retaliation will not bring Trayvon Martin back.

Don’t fall for the swindle.

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