Stop saying "This isn’t supposed to happen here"

When a tragedy happens like a mass shooting why is the first person  the media interviews always says “This isn’t supposed to happen here!”

A follow up question to that person should have been “If not here then where is it supposed to happen?”

It really bothers me when people use that phrase. After the events of last week, can stop using that term?? It is very clear that random violence can happen anywhere and anytime.

I understand when people hear about random violence in the news it usually happens in a place where economics, education, and the police response is not where it should be.

Are people who live in affluent places somewhat better at curbing random violence?

I guess not since the Denver area is once again the scene of random, vigilante violence.

When people make statements like “it shouldn’t happen here” is it borderline racist?

Maybe but I saw on Ch. 5 news a Blackman from Aurora, CO say the same thing so knows.

Is it safe for people to make these assumptions?

If I live in an area where the schools are top-notch and there isn’t much violence, can I say that I live in a place where random violence is not likely to happen?

That premise can lull someone into a false sense of security.

In this day and age, people should start to pay attention to the world outside their social circles.

Maybe the coward that committed this senseless tragedy had a method to his madness.  Maybe he picked that theater because he knew that if he went to a lesser-known place the outrage would be muted.

I am going out on a limb and say that there is no such place where random violence is alright to take place.  I don’t care if the location is Aurora, Colorado or, East L.A. or a place like Englewood here in Chicago. Random violence is wrong!

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