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Reduce stress at work: avoiding solo practitioner syndrome with recess breaks

Have you heard about the “Solo Practitioner Syndrome” that can strike when least expected? Symptoms start with delusions about unreturned phone calls and e-mails. Eventually a cloud of stress looms over the lone professional working alone in an office or at home. Relax! Practice a few healthy distraction techniques (take recess!) during your day and... Read more »

School Safety: Parents speak up - a good thing?

As kids get back to school, family law issues involving schools start popping up left and right. Students, parents and teachers often get along just fine, but sometimes communications break down and tempers flare. I’ll never forget my brothers being late for school and the secretaries calling my mother. Those poor women often didn’t deserve... Read more »

Divorce Expo 2012: August 18th in Naperville

Whether you are in transition yourself or know someone thinking of getting divorced, the Divorce Expo is the first annual event of its kind in the Chicago area. The expo takes place in Naperville on the 18th of August, at Hotel Arista. Divorce is not the only event for which we may hire a lawyer... Read more »

Welcome to Friends In Family Law: Real Stories In and Out of Court

In legal public relations and media, we know that all the biggest and best stories come from the heart and start locally. Chicagoland family law and the people involved in the industry now have a fun format to share their tips and tales with ChicagoNow readers. I started my career working in family law firms... Read more »