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School Shooters: Should policy impact media mention of gunman names?

While covering the massacre, several media outlets elected not to mention the name of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooter. Victims in Newtown, Connecticut were the focus of most of the stories in ongoing coverage of the event. Should or can the media be prevented, as a matter of law or policy, from highlighting the names... Read more »

A matter of fact: Attorney Milt Johns comments on 750K lawsuit for defamatory posts on Yelp

Hitting the news earlier this week, Jane Perez, a Virginia homeowner is the defendant in a defamation lawsuit for $750,000 after she published alleged falsehoods on the Yelp page of a home repair contractor. This morning I contacted the D.C. area law firm representing the Plaintiff, Christopher Dietz, who seeks damages in addition to the... Read more »

Lawyers Not Returning Calls: Lee Marinaccio says be proactive and prevent communication breakdowns to avoid injury to the attorney-client relationship.

I may know why your lawyer is not calling you back: poor communication practices. Working in, around, and writing about the legal industry, I learned more about motivation and perception in attorney-client relationships. Breakdowns in communication lead to misunderstandings. Upset clients and attorneys both make matters worse when they act on emotion instead of logic.... Read more »

DOMA: Supreme Court has yet to hear cases on the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act

Prop 8 (California)[i] is the the subject of one of 10 cases presented for review by the US Supreme Court. This morning the Justices added orders from their Friday 11/30/2012 conference and the orders did not list any of the DOMA cases. Challenges to the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act follow the Obama... Read more »

Families Facing Foreclosure: Attorney Dan Khwaja explains the Gilbert decision requiring banks to file correct and complete complaints

Shouldn’t the banks be forced to have all their ducks in a row before foreclosing? The Illinois Court of Appeals for the Second District thinks so. When foreclosure defense attorney, Dan Khwaja, sent me a message on Facebook about the Gilbert holding I suspected there would be large fallout. Khwaja: “While most of the plaintiff’s... Read more »

Happy Thanksgiving: Nancy Mynard on whether your kids are on drugs and what you can do and comments from Dr. Leah Jackman-Wheitner

Think your son or daughter couldn’t die from a drug overdose this holiday season? Are you stupid or just have your head buried in the sand? The National Institute on Drug Abuse statistics indicate that after marijuana, prescription and over-the-counter medications account for most commonly abused drugs among high school seniors.[i] Good kids – bright... Read more »

Divorce Financials: Connie Walsh suggests Chicagoland women might prefer benefits of filing for divorce after the beginning of the next tax year

This year, like any other, many Chicagoland women get the family together for the holidays and simultaneously get their house in order to file for divorce in January. Many women and mothers want to keep the peace during the holidays and not air any dirty laundry until after the New Year’s celebrations. Moving forward with... Read more »

Holiday Visitation: Steven Peskind urges parents to plan ahead and family law judges contribute their comments

Are we ever ready for the holidays? Did we plan everything enough in advance? Did we talk to our ex about where the kids are going and when? Sometimes things come up last minute, and holiday visitation is a common issue for family law attorneys. I asked attorney Steven N. Peskind for his thoughts on... Read more »

Ferris Lawyer's Day Off

Last year I persuaded my mother to take a “Ferris Bueller” day with me. It was great! We had lunch at the Mid America Club, toured the Chicago Cultural Center and marveled at the stone blocks from all over the world in the foundation of the Tribune Tower. Life does move pretty fast, and I... Read more »

School Safety: Parents speak up - a good thing?

As kids get back to school, family law issues involving schools start popping up left and right. Students, parents and teachers often get along just fine, but sometimes communications break down and tempers flare. I’ll never forget my brothers being late for school and the secretaries calling my mother. Those poor women often didn’t deserve... Read more »