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Facebook Graph Search: First use and suggestions on personalized searching

You can get very detailed in your search.
Facebook recommends a two-minute tour. The show you how to search for anything you’re into. Using simple phrases to explore connections makes it easy to receive personalized results that show details just for you. When you start searching, Facebook offers suggestions: (1) Photos of my friends and me; (2) Restaurants nearby; and (3) Music my... Read more »

Before I Graph Search I Facewash with this new Beta Facebook App

I like Digital Trends.  They offer product reviews and news about new trends for consumers who want to stay ahead of the game and enjoy the latest products and services in the technology arena.
Shame on me for not writing about Facewash[i] before Facebook Graph Search. I know you are all wondering what you can do to occupy yourself before Graph Search is launches on your Facebook page. If you trust this third party App[ii] you can search for anything other than what Facewash determines is “clean” content in... Read more »

Facebook Graph Search: How to protect your privacy and manage content issues

I do not have the Graph Search feature yet, but when I do, I will start searching my own page to locate content I want to highlight or delete.
Do not be alarmed when you hear about the new Facebook Graph Search feature. Today Graph Search is available in a very limited beta release. When you see reports in the news about Graph Search, look for comparisons with Google to appreciate the similarities. Like Google, you will be able to type a search to... Read more »

2013 Marketing Plans: Increase in social media marketing

Janet works at ACME and she sees Good Firm's blog about a new service, and shows the article to a co-worker.
Content marketing plans should allocate more time to engage others in social networks and focus on publishing and distribution of organic content. Thank Google for making digital marketing easier in 2013. Recent search engine algorithm updates at Google are helping level the playing field so Main Street businesses are more competitive in Internet marketing. The... Read more »

Your 2013 digital marketing plan: avoid five common pitfalls

2013 is the year to change the way you perceive social networking and digital marketing! They key to success is your engaging with your friends and followers. Do not post and run. Would you walk up to someone at a networking event and tell him or her all about you then turn around and walk... Read more »

A matter of fact: Attorney Milt Johns comments on 750K lawsuit for defamatory posts on Yelp

Hitting the news earlier this week, Jane Perez, a Virginia homeowner is the defendant in a defamation lawsuit for $750,000 after she published alleged falsehoods on the Yelp page of a home repair contractor. This morning I contacted the D.C. area law firm representing the Plaintiff, Christopher Dietz, who seeks damages in addition to the... Read more »