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Hiring an Attorney: Looking for honesty and communication to avoid costly surprises

Divorce litigation can be expensive!
Divorce litigation can be very expensive when the issues are complex and the parties are far from agreeing on what happens with children, incomes, assets, and so forth. When clients do not pay their attorney’s fees, the client suffers if the attorney withdraws from their case. Often that client has to hire a new attorney... Read more »

Credit Damage Expert: Georg Finder brings his craft to the Chicago area

Did you know that your credit score and reputation is an asset? When another person, entity, or occurrence causes damage to your credit reputation, you can receive monetary compensation for your loss. Divorce, personal injury, foreclosure, and several other legal practice areas involve parties who lose the value of their credit reputation. Our credit scores... Read more »

DOMA: Supreme Court has yet to hear cases on the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act

Prop 8 (California)[i] is the the subject of one of 10 cases presented for review by the US Supreme Court. This morning the Justices added orders from their Friday 11/30/2012 conference and the orders did not list any of the DOMA cases. Challenges to the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act follow the Obama... Read more »

Divorce Financials: Connie Walsh suggests Chicagoland women might prefer benefits of filing for divorce after the beginning of the next tax year

This year, like any other, many Chicagoland women get the family together for the holidays and simultaneously get their house in order to file for divorce in January. Many women and mothers want to keep the peace during the holidays and not air any dirty laundry until after the New Year’s celebrations. Moving forward with... Read more »