Category: Credit Damage in Divorce

Bankruptcy is a financial planning tool: Chicago area families deserve a fresh start

The news is often depressing. People can’t find jobs. Moms and dads all over Chicagoland are tapping into and depleting their savings just to make mortgage and rent payments. Ring, ring, ring goes the phone with an annoying (and often threatening) bill collector on the other end. “How am I going to tell my kid... Read more »

Settlement: Banks pay foreclosed homeowners but is it enough?

Will homeowners be satisfied with the recent settlement?
Part of a recent settlement, a $557 million offer of money and aid was made to homeowners alleging the big banks improperly foreclosed on their homes. The Federal Reserve probe into impropriety allegations should be quieted for the time being with the announcement of the $8.5 billion deal incorporated into a settlement among the Comptroller... Read more »

Credit Damage Expert: Georg Finder brings his craft to the Chicago area

Did you know that your credit score and reputation is an asset? When another person, entity, or occurrence causes damage to your credit reputation, you can receive monetary compensation for your loss. Divorce, personal injury, foreclosure, and several other legal practice areas involve parties who lose the value of their credit reputation. Our credit scores... Read more »