Divorce Expo 2012: August 18th in Naperville

Whether you are in transition yourself or know someone thinking of getting divorced, the Divorce Expo is the first annual event of its kind in the Chicago area. The expo takes place in Naperville on the 18th of August, at Hotel Arista.

Divorce is not the only event for which we may hire a lawyer or family law professional. In addition, post decree child support, visitation, and education matters can affect the family. Maybe you are getting ready to tie the knot and you need a premarital agreement addressing important decisions on the front end?

The Divorce Expo 2012 takes place in Naperville on Saturday, the 18th of August at the Hotel Arista.

Ms. Connie Walsh of Walsh Financial Divorce Solutions, LLC is a featured speaker at the event and will be meeting attendees at her exposition booth. I asked Connie why she chose to participate in this event and she offered the following comments:

“I am so excited to be an exhibitor and speaker at The Divorce Expo to be held at the Hotel Arista on August 18th.

We as divorce financial professionals need to get the word out that the financial agreements you sign off to in your divorce decree will follow you the rest of your financial life.  Unfortunately, a settlement that looks equal right now may not be equitable for the long term.  The divorcing couple needs to take into consideration the future earning potential of both parties when deciding on what is equitable.  What is missing in most divorce processes is financial expertise, which can accurately forecast the long-term effects of the final settlement.  This can lead to settlements between parties instead of lengthy, expensive, court trials; less anger and bitterness as each party participates in the decision making  process while taking into consideration the children’s financial needs, if applicable. 

In addition, clients contemplating divorce need to understand the difference between dissolving their marriage via litigation, mediation and collaborative divorce.  These represent three methods by which a client can proceed and only the client(s) can best decide which process would serve their family needs best.”

Since this is the first annual Divorce Expo to visit the Chicago area, the participants and promoters, me included, are hungry for comments and feedback about making this the best event, one that people remember and recommend to family and friends. When I interviewed the event organizer, Mr. Joost Allard, of Split Partners, I learned all about the reason he and co-founder and organizer, Ms. Christine McQueen devote their time and energy to helping families in transition. Mr. Allard on the event:

“The Divorce Expo is an initiative that aims to help families from all backgrounds navigate successfully through relationships in transition. This initiative was born out of one of the producer’s (Joost Allard) own experience with the divorce process. Each event offers educational sessions and opportunities to speak with professionals to find new ways to work on improving the relationship, select the appropriate path through divorce if appropriate and how to move forward successfully afterwards. People come away with a sense of better control over the process, and therefore better sense of direction in their lives and the lives of their children.”

Come to the Divorce Expo and meet the speakers and exhibitors. Here are some discussion topics:

  1. There are many styles of divorce practice and people should know the differences among collaborative, litigation, and mediation.
  2. Not all financial planners and professionals serve the same function.
  3. Divorce prevention and full disclosure in the process of constructing pre-marital agreements is the process by which the engaged couple has a better lay of the land and knows what to expect if the marriage goes south.
  4. What about the rights of same sex couples and civil unions? What about states that recognize and/or reject same sex and/or civil unions?
  5. Special needs trusts – learn what they are all about and learn about the team of professionals involved.
  6. Post decree issues and management are topics for discussion with attorneys who can offer advice on working with an ex-spouse without bankrupting each other whenever there is a problem with visitation or school and medical related issues.
  7. We live in a consumer driven family law market and consumers (clients) come to the table with expectations they have developed over time and through their friends and families’ experiences – guess what – they find loads of information on social media.

I look forward to speaking at, attending, and writing about the Divorce Expo 2012 in Naperville on the 18th of August.

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