Category: Mortality

Roger and Roger and Me

My friend Roger died on Sunday. He was the second of my beloved Rogers to die within the span of a year. The first Roger was a scholar of William Blake. Also, apparently, a champion of barbecue. When I met him, he was long past both affectations. He was a crotchety old professor, about to... Read more »

Mother Bowie

This weekend marked some significant days for me. Within 24 hours I pass through the date of my mother’s birth and David Bowie’s death. The fact is that these two events occupy similar bits of real estate in my soul. Bowie should feel complimented by that, but, then again, so should my Mom. Now that I think... Read more »

700 Words on the Death of David Bowie

The shock rocker GG Allin used to promise that he would commit suicide on stage, in a supreme act of performance art. He never pulled that off, though. He died of a heroin overdose in a dive hotel. St. Mark’s Place, just like the Replacements sang it. The last night of his life, he played a... Read more »