A few selections from the Chicago journalism world on the 2012 Presidential Election

Hey everybody! A bit later today I will write my “how-I-feel-four-years-later” Obama post, but for now I wanted to share a few election-related selections from the Chicago journalism world, as well as links to my ChicagoNow folks.

As seen in this video:

* Here’s Hoping, my story at Time Out Chicago

* Still Hoping for Change at the Chicago Reader, interviews with five Chicagoans who supported Obama in 2008, with stories by Steve Bogira, Mick Dumke, Ben JoravskyMara Shalhoup, and Sam Worley.

* Ballot Burnout: youth voters in 2012, by Leonor Vivanco at the RedEye

NOW THEN, onto other related stuff…

* Poli Chi, by Barb Moreno




* “8 Essential Election Night Questions Answered” from the homies at Lists That Actually Matter

* “Why a 2008 Obama voter changed her vote in 2012”

* “Three Simple Reasons Why I’m Voting For a Mormon President”


* “Dragon Baby for U.S. president: stuffed animals beware”

* “Tales From the Front: What Voters Are Saying In Line!”

* Some raw shit, probably, from Moms Who Drink and Swear

* “Easy Ideas For A Last-Minute Election Night Party With Kids”

* “Wine Pairing: Presidential Candidates (Let’s get political!)”

ChicagoNow tweeters

ChicagoNow bloggers

ALSO… since we’re here, a few more items that are near and dear to my heart:

“A Night at Grant Park” — my original essay from November 2008

“Barack Obama is dead.” — my pre-inaugural column written January 18, 2009 in Washington D.C., and hands down the most frightening story I’ve ever written

Our President — my book about the Inauguration and other stories, available at Amazon

Piss ‘Em All Off — a political activism book by Rogers Park resident Don Gordon (I had the pleasure of editing this book, and of interviewing Don about Chicago politics for my People with Passion series. Good stuff!)

More to come from me later in the day, I’m guessing. Have a ball everybody!




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