What would you do for $25 million?

What would you do for $25 million?
New Bank of America advertisements on the Wabash Avenue bridge houses. (Chris Walker, Chicago Tribune)

That is how much the city is expected to earn from corporate advertising revenue, like the banners posted near the Chicago River. 

The Tribune reports, Bank of America signed a 30-day ad lease on the Wabash Avenue bridge houses for an undisclosed amount.

Fox News Chicago interviewed city dwellers who were less than happy about the ads. As a matter of fact, of all the people that I’ve talked to about the ads, no one seems to be happy about it.

On the bright side, this revenue helps supplement the city’s budget and lessen the budget gap. On the dark side, this is Chicago, and our beloved monuments seem a little cheapened by corporate logos.

 WGN reports that the city’s plan for corporate advertising was first proposed  a year and a half after then-Mayor Richard Daley.  “Now, Mayor Rahm Emanuel is hoping to raise as much as $25 million in revenue by putting corporate ads on such city-owned property , including garbage cans, pay boxes and the city’s website,” Fox News Chicago.

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