8 Ways to Survive a Divorce

After I began telling family and friends that my husband and I were divorcing, the well-meaning platitudes began rolling in.  “You’re young; you’ll find someone else.”  “Everybody will be okay.  Kids bounce back.”  “You’ll all be better off.”  And so on.  While there might have been a bit of truth buried within some of those... Read more »

Q&A with a ChicagoNow blogger: PTSD Blog

One day can change your whole life, as Louie Pukelis found out one snowy morning in 1999.  (Read the blog to find out exactly how!) http://www.chicagonow.com/ptsd-blog/ The aftermath of that morning, and the sudden death of his beloved father a few days later started Louie on a path that would lead to an eventual diagnosis... Read more »

Five Reasons Parents Need to Stop Flipping Out Over Young Adult Novels

It’s happening again.  Out here in the progressive western suburbs one parent is making a stink about what is arguably the best young adult novel to come along in years:  The Fault In Our Stars.  Here’s what this dad has to say about the book: http://wheaton.patch.com/groups/brian-wellss-blog/p/the-fault-in-our-schools Now.  He admits to not even finishing the book... Read more »

You Say Moscato, I say Moscato, Let's Polish the Whole Thing Off

Oh, polar vortex.  Since you haven’t released your grip on Chicago’s throat and March is only one day away, there’s really just one thing for me to do:  settle in tomorrow night for the Blackhawks-Penguins game with a nice glass of Moscato. By the way, Moscato, where have you been all my life?  I’m not... Read more »

They're All Therapy Dogs

My girl dog, Nana, is turning twelve this month–my longest relationship besides my marriage and kids.  I found her on the internet long before internet matchups were even a thing.  I had been wanting a Border Collie ever since I saw the Disney flick Snow Dogs but couldn’t stomach the thought of another creature in... Read more »

Official Trailer for The Fault In Our Stars

Thumbnail image for 'Official Trailer for The Fault In Our Stars'
I’m focusing on the release of this movie in June to get me through the rest of winter.  If you have a teenager, read the book.  Too many amazing things about this novel to cover in one blog post!

Your Next Book Club Pick: Me Before You by JoJo Moyes

One night a month I ditch the kids and head to our neighborhood book club.  A few of the ladies in our group recommended Me Before You as something I could read over Christmas break.  Let’s just say that for the two days it took me to finish this novel, dishes went unwashed and the... Read more »

The Email I'd Like to Send to the Mom Whose Daughter Called My Son a Nerd

Hi, You don’t know me.  We’ve never been introduced.  Your daughter and my son share a third grade classroom and recently, my son came home and during our post-school chat, he told me your daughter had called him a nerd at recess time.  I was a) not at all surprised;  b) totally prepared to handle... Read more »