I want a cheese and pickle sandwich, and it's not weird...

Of all the things I learned about breastfeeding while I was pregnant, there is something they don’t tell you about. The hunger. Which is incredible because my waistline is becoming, well, waist-like remarkably quickly given that I am only nine weeks post partum (or post birth, for the UK readers – I forget what the term is. Post natal?)

Smallest dude is gaining weight at a fantastic rate, and I’m getting skinnier and skinnier by the day, as he literally drains the calories out of me. Small dude seems to be hungry all the time, and so it goes that I, too, must be hungry all the time.

So my pregnancy cravings have remained. Now, I didn’t actually have any weird cravings at all. Not to me anyway, and certainly not to pouts about any British person I know, but every time I mentioned one particular craving to my friends who I hang out with regularly on Google, they all kind of cringed and made various faces that conveyed the thought: “Ewww!”

Tell me, British readers. What is wrong with cheese and pickle? Cheese and pickle toasties? Completely normal, right? But, goodness. Trying to explain cheese and pickle here, is… challenging.

So, American friends hear “cheese and pickle”, and they imagine spray cheese, and those jarred gherkins. Yeah. I wasn’t THAT pregnant. That DOES sound… Ewww.

For cheese, it’s some kind of cheddar, either shredded or sliced. Now the cheese is topped with Branston pickle – a relish/chutney concoction made of pickled vegetables including swede (rutabaga) and cauliflower. It’s available in the British section of the world food aisle. For some reason Jewel calls it Picnic.

See. Normal. Credit to Branston website for image

See. Normal. Credit to Branston website for image

Even Branston themselves make mention of cheese and pickle sandwiches on their website. In fact, they included a recipe. I don’t think I have ever needed a recipe, but if you want to try it, this is a safe bet.

So, not so unusual. Now, if you had met me seven years ago when I was chewing on sponge, then that might have been a great deal more questionable. Got to run. Time for a sandwich.


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