Dead presents, dirty socks and the art of learning to not always speak my mind

My 5 year old informed me today that he needs a hair cut and that his nails need to be cut too. He followed that up by telling me we should probably take care of the hair and nails of his little brother while we are at it. He hates when I cut his nails... Read more »

Reasons My Kid Won't Eat

Getting my 2 year old to eat is currently going just as well as keeping my hardwood floors in my entryway clean during the slushy snowy winter. I’m not even talking about getting the kid to eat healthy food. No no, I am just talking food in general. If it is food, he is not... Read more »

My Anti-Resolution Approach To This Whole New Year's Resolution Thing

Christmas is over which means the new year is right around the corner which means the gyms are about to be packed and most humans are about to make a bunch of resolutions that will most likely not be kept. Most humans…but not this one. I am all for making yourself one or a hundred... Read more »

My Semi-Shallow Thankful List

We decorated for Christmas last night. Actually, we put up the tree on Sunday but that is simply because it takes me at least one solid day of zero distractions to put the lights on the tree and I knew that Tuesday was our best shot at getting the ornaments up, so really I had... Read more »

What If My Train Of Thought Were In The Form Of Letters?

Just stop.
I think A LOT. My thoughts aren’t always profound and they are usually super scattered, but that is just how my thoughts go. They scatter, they come and go, they initiate panic and anxiety, they make me laugh out loud to myself, they remind me of all of the things I need to do. My... Read more »

They Call Me Mom

They Call Me Mom
They are 5 and 2… And they call me Mom. They fall down and get back up. They do super cool things that they want me to watch (over and over and over). They are thirsty. They need a snack. They have to go to the bathroom every night after they lay down in bed.... Read more »

37 Reasons I Just Can't

37 Reasons I Just Can't
My whole body hurt when I got home from work yesterday. Office work – it’s not for the weak. It was cold in my cute little office and apparently I sat with my muscles tensed all day long because when I got in my car and blasted the heat and started to thaw, everything started... Read more »


This post is part of ChicagoNow’s Blogapalooza. We are all given a topic at 9:00 and given exactly one hour to publish. Tonight’t topic : “Write about something in your life you’ve given up but that you wish you still did.” There are things that we quit that make us better. Whether it be an addiction,... Read more »

Can't we all just get along and get back to being funny?

The internet has been ultra depressing lately. For realz. I mean, I know that the internet isn’t always a fun and funny and hilarious place to be, but I choose to focus more on that and less on violence, and that has just been a chore over the past week or two. The whole Ray... Read more »

Appreciating now what I know I'm going to miss then

Firsts can be fun. First dance, first kiss, first time living away from home, first jobs… First birthdays, first steps, first words… First road trip, first time flying, first time seeing the ocean… Firsts are where you start. They are the stepping stones to all of your nexts. They mark the beginning of something new... Read more »