I'm Not One To Brag, But Since You Asked

I am not really that good at talking about things I am good at, which is ironic because the whole purpose of this blog tonight is to write about something I am really good at. About 15 minutes ago I was given the task of writing about something I am really good at. Apparently, I am really good at staring at a computer screen reflecting on all of the things I do in life and trying to find one thing I am awesome at because for 15 minutes this screen was blank. Not cool.

I mean, I know I am good at things but I couldn’t come up with something I was really really good at. Parenting was a thought, but let’s be serious…Blake spent 30 minutes tonight making me call him Carlos while he was telling anyone who would listen that his favorite breakfast is oatmeal and coffee. And since parenting and working is pretty much the core of my existence at this point in life, and I really didn’t want to sit here and write about being good at my job because people that I work with might read this blog and I don’t want them to think that I am better than them because that would be awkward. Although….never mind. Anyway, I was struggling a little bit.

But then it hit me. I am actually pretty good at a lot of things. And maybe it is time I actually give myself a little credit for some of those things.

Maybe it’s time to give a shout out to my awesome ability to always feel open enough to allow others to know exactly what I am feeling….all of the time. I’m  not sure others really appreciate this, but this is not about others or their feelings. It is about what I am good at. And I am really good at letting people know what I am thinking. Just ask my husband. Or my kids. Or people telling me a boring story. I am very good at pointing out the clothes next to the hamper or the backpack in the middle of the floor. I am very good at speaking loudly under my breath while picking up everyone else’s things. And I am very good at accidentally glassing completely over until it is visible to the person who is telling me something totally uninteresting that I am totally uninterested.

I also am really good at being hilarious. I guess that one is a bit more subjective than the first, but again, this is about me and what I think I am good at and I think I am damn good at being funny. And hilarious.

Competitions are also right in my realm of awesomeness. I got a Fitbit recently and was introduced to the wonderful world of Fitbit competitions and I haven’t sat down in about 3 weeks because I will not lose. (I am also no longer good at sleeping…but whatevs).  I am totally going to win this Workweek Hustle challenge this week that I have going on with my family because what fun are family functions if you cannot brag about how you logged more steps than them that one week? Really, though. I am really good at competitions. Even if I don’t win them, I’m still good at them. I’m not going down without a fight. I even started typing this thing on my phone about 10 lines ago because I realized that somewhere in some neighborhood, one of my family members was probably walking while I was sitting here typing. I’m going to take up sleepwalking this evening if needed. Whatever it takes, man.

I guess that means I am pretty good at multitasking, which is awesome not just because I was able to log a few hundred steps while writing this blog, but also because if  I was not, my teeth would never be brushed or my room would always be a mess. Side note – does anyone actually just stand in the bathroom and brush their teeth? I cannot do it. There are so many things that can be accomplished in those minutes of teeth brushing. Laundry can be put in dresser drawers, marbles that I step on can be thrown aggressively across the room, towels can be hung up (while I am speaking loudly under my breath and drooling toothpaste all over the place). Anyway, feel free to let me know if you are over the age of 6 and can stand in one spot in the bathroom over the sink while brushing your teeth. I say that you need to be over the age of 6 because while I walk all over the place accomplishing all of the things while brushing my teeth…I demand that my children stand in one place and brush those bad boys.

I am also fairly good at being a hypocrite, apparently.

When I sat down to write tonight after reading the challenge I was given, I was initially struggling to come up with something to brag about. But once I stopped trying to think of that elusive singular thing I was good at…I realized I am good at a lot of things. I’m fairly good at rambling, I make a mean To-Do list, I am good at intending to respond to text messages and I am SO good at breakfast for dinner. I am good at kissing boo-boos, singing bedtime songs, laughing at fart jokes and building railroad tracks. I’m good at appreciating a Netflix binge night with my husband just as much as any fancy date night out and I’m good at accepting that I am not ever going to be good at all of it, but as long as I keep trying we will totally be mostly okay.

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