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Forget my bracket - I'm rooting for MSU, Adreian Payne and the adorable little Lacey

March has always been a month full of stories for us. March is full of birthdays and birthday parties, spring break and spring trips, the end of high school basketball season and the start of the NCAA Tournament. Ah… The NCAA Tournament. I cannot help it. I love the NCAA Tournament. I love March, I... Read more »

Who decided to call it a "vacation day" anyway?

I took a “vacation” day from work yesterday. It’s spring break and the boys are all home and even though I am off on Fridays and we could have just scheduled a day of fun for Friday, we thought it would be fun if I took another day off this week so we could bring... Read more »

Lessons I learned from my kid's 5th birthday

<b>1. Chocolate suckers are not as easy as they seem.</b><br><br>My sister is a good sport.<br>That bottle was not supposed to melt.<br>The first batch of suckers may or may not have been missing sticks.<br>But the end result was perfect and she took one thing off of my checklist and even if they would have ended up as stickless blobs of chocolate like the one seen here...I totally would have still been thankful.<br>Help is help.<br>Sisters are awesome.<br>Kids like chocolate.<br>Blobs or not.<br><br><br><br><br><br>
I had a difficult time with my oldest little dude turning 5 last week. It was sad and happy and all things in between and I just did a lot of reminiscing leading up to it all and ended up with happy-sad tears streaming down my face more than once. The funny part about it... Read more »

And just like that, my baby turns 5

And just like that, my baby turns 5
My little man turns 5 tomorrow. F-I-V-E. As in 5 years old. I realize that there has yet to be a  year when I haven’t said “I cannot believe his going to be (enter unbelievable age here) tomorrow”, but still. He is going to be 5 years old tomorrow…and I cannot believe it. Somewhere between... Read more »

My sincerest thanks to the egotistical a-holes of the world

My sincerest thanks to the egotistical a-holes of the world
I wasn’t going to blog today.  I mean I’m just coming off of the heels of a really awesomely received blog about my husband, his basketball team and our life of sports and honestly my little dude turns 5 in a few days and I have about a million things to do before that happens and... Read more »

It will always be so much more than "just a game"

Sports are not just something we do around here. They aren’t games, they aren’t hobbies and they aren’t ways to fill our time… Sports are something we live. I remember the first time I saw my husband cry. We were 18 years old and had just pulled into the parking lot of a Bakers Square... Read more »

I love you more because you cost me less

To say that the stay at home parent versus working parent war is an exhausted topic in my book would be a ridiculous understatement. While there have been some fantastically written articles that highlight the fact that each role is equally important and exhausting and give me hope for parental civilization, the majority of the... Read more »

Coffee, Jesus and Video Games

I have a love/hate relationship with video games. We are running out of things to do around here and are beyond ready for Spring so the video games have made a more regular appearance than usual lately. They are handy sometimes, and that’s when I love them. I love them on moments like the few... Read more »