The winter when Facebook was almost dead to me

I just almost broke up with Facebook for the 397th time.
Not the 397th time ever…the 397th time this winter. 

Ok ok, so Facebook is your own platform and you are totally free to bitch and moan or brag and boast about whatever you choose. Just because it might not be my cup of tea, doesn’t mean it’s not awesome. You might not like seeing pictures of my kids and little snippets of something hilarious that they did and I might not care what the new floor mats of your car look like…and that is totally okay.
We can just skim past each others posts but keep each other around in case something happens to catch our eye one day or unfriend each other.
No big deal.

But here’s the thing…this winter almost killed it entirely for me.

I am all for a random venting sesh on good ol’ FB.
Get it off your chest.
Complain about another 18 hour 10 mile commute.
But please stop doing it at every freaking stoplight….every single day.
Guess what, Chicago?
The weather has been horrible this winter.
It has been miserably cold, massively snowy and driving has been a nightmare.
It has been horrible…but not just for you.

You know who this snow has really sucked for?
The snow plow drivers.
You know who I actually haven’t heard complain about the snow?
(And yes, I do have some snow plow drivers on my list of friends).

So your street hasn’t been plowed yet. Neither has mine. I spun into my driveway at a whopping 3 miles an hour again last night when I pulled up to the house with my kiddos 3 hours after I left the office. This is not really the fault of the person who has not yet plowed my street or driveway as much as it is actually just the fault of the weather itself.
Were you warm inside your car during your 15 hour drive? Did you make it home? Were you able to get to work the next day? Did you get to go to bed before the roads were cleared? Did you get to shovel your driveway in spurts if that’s what you wanted to do? Did you get to go inside and have a cup of coffee and watch some tv and talk to your family or grab a beer before you went back out to finish?
Ok then.
We get it.
The roads were horrific again on the drive home from work yesterday. But can’t you just vent about it to the people that you live with or work with or even just complain about it on Facebook like once per snow storm and not give us the update on the status of your route every 5 minutes?

I probably shouldn’t even get started on the “snow day” situation, but I’m sure I do plenty of things that I probably shouldn’t do so what the hell.
Oh. My. God.
First you are happy about the snow day and the long weekend away from work. Now you are pissed about the snow day and the long weekend stuck at home again. And now you are hoping for more snow days because since you have already used so many snow days you no longer have to worry about making them up so you might as well just not go back to work until it is 55 and sunny….and then complain that the sun was in your eyes when you had to stand outside for recess.

You know who didn’t get a snow day this year?
You know who had to use up all of their paid time off this year to stay home with their kids who were stuck home from school again?

Again, go ahead and give the complaining a go.
Try your hand at it.
See if it makes you feel better.
But seriously…we don’t need to hear about it every day.

My husband is a teacher.
I am his wife, therefore he is allowed to complain to me all he wants (even though I might quit listening), yet I have heard far less complaining from him ALL WINTER than I have in any given 1 hour worth of posts on FB.
Totally not cool.

I also don’t need to see any additional pictures of how dirty your car is.
A: Park it in the garage and don’t drive it if the snow and salt is going to piss you off enough that you have to take pictures of it and post it for all of us to see.
B: Who really cares?
C: Mine is just as bad if not worse but you wouldn’t know unless you saw me driving in it because not only have I not posted a picture of it, I have not actually taken a picture of it.

Come on people.
Spice it up a little.
Quit complaining about the same thing as the person ahead of you in my news feed is complaining about.

Be this person in my news feed…

good fb post 1

I mean if we are all going to be stuck with one of the crappiest winters in the history of winters, we might as well poke a little fun at how the human race is reacting to it.

You could also try to do some of those super awesome things you pinned on Pinterest or saw in your newsfeed with your kids instead of logging on only to whine and then just sit there waiting for someone to comment so that you can whine a little more with them.
And then when that super awesome activity fails miserably, you can talk about how horrible of an idea that actually was and make fun of yourself for not being able to be one of “those moms” even when you try.
Seriously, I was super thankful when I got to read this hilarious article because I didn’t feel so bad about failing miserably at winter fun.
Better yet, I momentarily wasn’t just reading things from people who are always talking about how miserable they are.

How about you just suck it up and take your kids outside for a minute or two while it is snowing. If it is not negative 55 degrees out, they probably will actually have fun.
Not only will they think you are cool, but you will have killed like 25 minutes per child getting them dressed to go outside and then after they are done throwing snow at you for a half hour and crying when the snow blows back in their face, they will most likely pass out for an early bedtime and you can post a picture of smiling children in the snow instead of yet another complaint about your driveway.

snow day

Yes, those are my own kids so I’m biased…but even if they weren’t it would totally be better to see this than to read a play by play of your commute home.

In all seriousness, I am not sure if I was more excited that today was going to be “warm” and sunny because I was looking forward to taking the kiddos for a walk after work or if it was out of sheer happiness that I was going to not have to read complaint after complaint about how bad yesterday was.

I was so sincerely excited when this post popped up in my news feed today…

good fb post 2


And the best part about it was that she hasn’t complained about the weather all winter long, so I was able to just enjoy the fact that she just waited to say anything about the weather until she had something nice to say.
Clearly she listened to her mother when she told her that if she didn’t have anything nice to say, she shouldn’t say anything at all.

You know who didn’t listen to that?
All of the people who complained about the mud today.

Are you kidding me? COME ON!
It was 40 freaking degrees today.
Dodge the falling icicles, get your shoes a little muddy and just shut up already!

I just want to look at pictures of your kids, read about what is going on in your life, give you an obligatory “like” when you deserve an “atta boy!” and see what you are eating for dinner…not hear you complain about everything.

I have never been one of those who has loved the whole “33 days til spring” or “55 days left until school is out” or “315 days until Christmas” posts, but at this point I’ll take them.
At this point, facts are way better than opinion.

And with that, the first person who pops up in my news feed complaining about the heat this summer better not be one of the ones who complained about this sucky winter…or it’s going to get real ugly around this blog.


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