Donna Day 2014 - Raising Awareness For Childhood Cancer

Donna Day 2014 - Raising Awareness For Childhood Cancer

Some things are hard to read.
Some things are so incredibly hard to read that I don’t even read them because if I read them they would be real, they would have happened to someone and they would be the truth.

I am the mom of two happy and healthy boys.
I want to keep them inside of my house forever and never let anything ever happen to them.
I want them to be free from bullies, accidents, illnesses, psychopaths, bee stings and broken bones.
I want to keep them little forever, I want them to always need me the way I will always need them and I just want them to stop growing up so damn fast.

But I am lucky that I get to have that problem.
I am lucky that I get to wish they would stop growing.
Sometimes, a parent just wishes their child was around long enough to grow.

They drive me crazy sometimes, those two little dudes.
They are whiny and needy and they throw temper tantrums.
They go through phases when they make it really hard for me to be happy to be around them.
They force me to walk out of the room and compose myself before I can walk back in to be with them.

But I get to keep walking back in.
When it gets tough for us, we take a time out and we regroup.
When we have a bad minute, we get mad at each other we make up and we move on.

Sometimes life is not fair.
Sometimes you get to walk back in after you regroup…sometimes life takes that walk back in away from you.

Cancer is an ugly ugly beast.
Childhood cancer is the worst.

I have not been a part of the ChicagoNow community for very long, but it doesn’t take long to feel extremely welcome in this group of absolutely amazing writers. I’ve always felt like in my own small little world over here…whether I was writing in a journal for myself or in a blog post for whoever wanted to read it…I was doing something more than just writing. Even if it were just for me, I was documenting a milestone, capturing a moment or telling a story.

Today, in amazing form, members of the ChicagoNow community have come together to write for something bigger, someone better, someone who isn’t here to read it…and I am beyond honored to help spread the word and memory of a fellow blogger’s little girl.

Today we write for Donna, the daughter of the absolutely amazing Mary Tyler Mom.

I sat here crying alongside a great friend while we read Donna’s Cancer Story for quite a while today.
And I will be completely honest here, we had to muster up a whole lot of courage to sit here and read.
This is one of those things you do not want to read.
This is one of those things you do not want to experience.
This is one of those things you just do not want to be true.

Cancer took the life of this beautiful little girl…but it did not take the life of her amazing family, or her amazing mom who fearlessly wrote about her journey through cancer with her daughter.
I only know her through her writing, but I can tell you this…amazing things have happened because of her love for Donna.

Please take a moment to visit the St. Baldrick’s page for Donna’s Good Things event and help give hope to those who need it most by donating any amount that you can.

If you don’t want to shave your head or donate money, you could also help by ordering a super awesome “Super Heros Save Lives” t-shirt.

And if all you can do today is read, that is okay too.
Because most of all, this is just not something that we can turn our heads away from and is something that we just can’t ignore.





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