The day the donuts weren't - A mom's letter to Dunkin' Donuts

Dear Dunkin’ Donuts,

I was going to be a cool mom today…and then you happened.

You see, it is supposed to snow for the 95th time this week and the thought of my kids not getting out of the house this evening or tomorrow made me sad and also terrified, so I decided to break all of the rules and go take my little dudes for a spur of the moment trip to go get a donut.

My kids were so excited as we put the on layers upon layers of coats and hats and gloves and piled into the car. I’m typically not one to let them have any kind of snack an hour and half before dinner. But today, well today I was going to be the cool mom…going to be.

So we walk into your establishment all excited for these donuts. We stopped at the refrigerator at the front door to grab some juice and water and we walk to the counter and…

There it was.
I mean, there they weren’t.
I mean…

You were out of donuts.

And you had two really really cute customers and their mom standing there just baffled at what we were weren’t seeing.

How are you out of donuts?
Isn’t the point of your establishment to provide donuts.
Is the word donuts not in your actual name?

I realize that coffee is all the rage right now, and you also sell that, but…ultimately, wasn’t donuts your goal?

Thankfully my kids are awesome, because after your employee stood there and politely explained to my four year old that you do not actually make the donuts at your stores and that they are in fact shipped in and that this particular location closes at nine and since they close at nine you don’t think they should restock their donuts at any point of the day and…blah blah blah, my kids settled for the last muffin in your donut case.

I know that you are concerned, Dunkin’ Donuts, so I’ll calm your nerves now. My little dudes were still happy with their dinner ruining snack and we still had a nice little mommy/son date and got plenty of crumbs all over your floor. My mission was still (moderately) accomplished and I had some quality time out of the house with my boys, so I was prepared to just let this go.
Operative phrase being “WAS prepared to let this go.”

After my boys went to bed tonight, I posted a little picture of them on their mommy/son muffin date.
(It still hurts to say that).

As it turns out, we are not the only ones that have been affected by this donut shortage.
It seems to be a real problem.
In fact, it seems to be a real problem at this exact location.

Check it out!

It would appear that you have more of a problem that I would have ever imagined possible and I”m a bit worried for you.
A donut shop without donuts…frequently.

I will say, I actually admire the fact that you are not throwing batches and batches of donuts away at the end of the night.
As a parent, I absolutely despise wasted food and as a human I struggle with the mass quantity of wasted food there seems to be when there are plenty of people who don’t have any.

I’m not trying to solve a global problem here at my kitchen table with a cup of Starbucks coffee at 10:30 at night, though.
I merely wanted to bring to your attention that you are slowly devastating moms and kids everywhere…and that Starbucks hasn’t run out of donuts yet.

Muffin loving coffee drinker

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