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Mirror work, a new practice for me

Mirror work, a new practice for me
It’s been long journey for me to heal. Therapy, drug use, 12-step recovery meetings, regular church attendance, and countless sermons and books have finally gotten me to a safe space to take my spirituality to the next level. It’s exhilarating and scary. I’m not afraid of boogeymen men or ghosts, but sometimes I think we... Read more »

5 habits I plan to never break

5 habits I plan to never break
This year will be twenty years since I graduated from DePaul University with a degree in English and Communications. I had no idea exactly what I planned to do with my degree, but I knew I wanted to be wildly successful. By my own estimation of comparing my piddly income versus my student loan debt,... Read more »

Willie Wilson supporters lash out, but should they?

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Well, I knew my open letter to Willie Wilson might ruffle some feathers, but I never thought I’d end up being called an idiot or a racist! But that just goes to show how passionate people are about politics in Chicago, and rightly so, given the city’s longstanding history of corruption with crooked politicians. Like... Read more »
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    Elana Anthony

    I am a wife and mother blessed to have six daughters who fill my home with love and laughter. My passion is writing and teaching, but most especially inspiring people to live healthy lives in my faith-filled fitness classes. My dream is to have my own faith and fitness TV show where people from all the world collectively join together on our "temple" building project of enjoying optimal health. I am a certified group fitness instructor by the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA), and earned graduate degrees in Writing from DePaul University, in addition to a degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion from the California University of Pennsylvania. I have seen and experienced the hand of God work and move in my life, and consider it an honor and blessing to be saved to serve.

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