Are you killing yourself with the food you are eating?

Are you killing yourself with the food you are eating?
The media would have us believe that gangs and guns are what kills Americans more than anything, but that's not true.
About six weeks ago, I made a decision to stop eating all meat and diary products, much to the surprise of everyone who knows me, and even to myself! You can read how that happened here.  
This decision had been like a tea pot simmering for years, until finally the steam poured forth, the whistle blew, and it was time.  This kind of all happened because for about the last fifteen years, I’ve been teaching fitness classes, loving what I do, but frustrated by my own lack of progress with sculpting the body I’d like to have, while at the same time, watching many fitness professionals have the same issue. We taught fitness classes. We just didn’t look fit.  I actually upset a whole bunch of folk by asking if people expect a fitness instructor to actually look the part.  Well, it might have been the title: “Fat fitness pros: do you respect them?”  You can read that here.
Metaphysics teaches us that everything is energy and energy is everything. So, if they give animals steroids to make them bigger, then torture them for the "food" they produce, doesn't that energy transfer somewhere?

Metaphysics teaches us that everything is energy and energy is everything. So, if they give animals steroids to make them bigger, then torture them for the “food” they produce, doesn’t that energy transfer somewhere?

I never thought I was a fat shamer, particularly since my entire life is centered around inspiring, training, teaching, and motivating people to enjoy exercise and live a healthy life. But because of my decision to go vegan, I decided to really learn about food by earning my Fitness Nutrition certificate through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  I said to myself, let me make sure I am using my platform correctly. Let me make sure I am telling people the right things. Let me just Google some info for an unbiased look at things. So I Googled,

“What is the #1 killer of Americans?” 
The news would have us to think it’s guns and gang violence–especially here in Chicago, but it’s actually a controllable illness.
The #1 killer of Americans is heart disease.
So then what is it that causes heart disease?
Clogged arteries.
And what foods clog arteries?
Here’s Google’s response.
 Saturated fat is a main dietary culprit in the buildup of plaque in the arteries. As a result, experts suggest trying to keep saturated fat to less than 7% of total daily calories. A primary source of saturated fat is ANIMAL PRODUCTS (emphasis added). Certain oils are high in saturated fat, too. Examples of food high in saturated fat include:
  • Whole milk and cream
  • Butter
  • High-fat cheese
  • High-fat cuts of meat, such as those that look “marbled” with fat
  • Processed meats, including sausage, hot dogs, salami and bologna
  • Ice cream
  • Palm and coconut oils, which are often added to packaged and prepared foods, such as cookies, doughnuts, and even ‘healthful’ energy bars
So basically, if you want a heart attack or stroke, keep drinking milk, eating ice cream and meat and butter and all the stuff above. Or, BETTER YET, IF YOU DON’T WANT A STROKE OR HEART ATTACK OR TO DIE EARLY, STOP EATING THESE THINGS.
Now I don’t know how I can be accused of being a meat-eater’s-shamer or anything else, but I’m sure some will say that because I do want to point out something interesting from the statement above.  Consider this if you will: WHICH EXPERTS?  Because there are many experts who will tell you that the BEST solution to this is to eat NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS but the experts who typically dictate information disclosed to the American public are lobbyists who work for who? You guessed it. Meat and dairy companies.  But you don’t have to believe me. You can do your own Google search and see for yourself.  You don’t have to be in fitness or medicine or dare I say, a rocket scientist to figure this stuff out.  All you have to do is desire a healthy lifestyle and accept the truth and stop eating killer food.
It’s not gangs and guns that’s killing Americans. It’s the war between forks and mouths.
Here’s the link to the article I read on foods that cause plaque buildup in the arteries. 
And if you’re not ready to give up, or never plan to give up, meat and dairy and all the other stuff and you just need some help, email me at my contact information or comment below. I’ve been amazingly surprised by the simplicity of the shift to veganism, but you do have to be intentional and ready for the scorn and shock of loved ones who think meat is the end-all answer to every protein-related health problem when it comes to food.
You can do it though!
About me: I’m a wife and mom of six daughters known as “The Fitness Evangelist” because of my ability to take ordinary fitness classes and turn them into worshipful events.  I also help people with their health and fitness goals any where in the world through my business with Total Life Changes. For more information about me, you can visit my website at or go directly to my TLC website for product information

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