Stepping out on faith

I was just over a year old when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon and spoke his famous words

“One small step for man. One giant leap for mankind.”

I’ve often wondered if I was sitting right there when it all happened, me in my infantile state, hearing the words of courage, commitment, and completion of our heroic astronaut who changed our lives forever.  Everyone learned that day that man could catapult himself through time and space to land and walk in a most unbelievable place–the moon! It was a faith walk unlike any other. It was the true and living meaning of “a leap of faith.”

We may never actually physically go to the moon like Armstrong and other astronauts of our time, but we certainly have an opportunity to go to higher heights and achieve amazing dreams–if we believe. But this requires courage, one of the three components of a faith walk, because when taking a leap of faith, you are certain to be attempting to achieve something others may not think, or even you yourself, that you can do.

1.You must have the courage to dream big.

If you’re going to step out of your comfort zone and feel called to do or be something that seems outside your own power to become, you have to have courage. You have to silence the voice within.

The next think you must have is the commitment to work toward your dream, even when it seems like nothing is happening.

As a fitness professional, I understand this all too well. It’s like the process of a physical transformation whether it be to lose or gain weight, the process is the same. You have to eat right and exercise even when you don’t feel like it and no one is watching. Social media makes it all to easy to post pictures of nutritious meals and high intensity workouts, but if you aren’t consistent, and remain committed, it’s just a farce. To take a leap of faith, you have to do the good you know you ought to do.

2. You must remain committed to your goals, even when the going gets tough because that’s when the tough get going.

The last component you need for your faith walk is completion. Like Armstrong, you have to see a project through to completion. So, if it’s weight loss and your goal was to lose 50lbs, you can’t reach the halfway mark, hit a plateau, and then settle on 25bls being better than no loss at all. Sometimes, you gotta switch it up, but by all means, don’t quit. Don’t stop. Keep going. See your leap of faith through to fruition by finalizing whatever it is you leapt in your belief to achieve and do.

3. You have to finish what you started. See your goal– your leap of faith–through to its final state. So if it’s writing a book, give yourself a goal to write so many words per day, or chapters per month until it’s done. But whatever it is, don’t just leave it as an idea.

If you can dream it, you can achieve it, if you believe it.

Courage, commitment, completion. Three steps for your leap of faith.

Courage, commitment, completion. Three steps for your leap of faith.

History has shown us that there hidden figures among us with the know-how and expertise to help us reach our goals. Armstrong had them, and we do too. It’s the people around us God has blessed us with who know just what we need to get to where we are going. Fortunately, Mr. Armstrong was not closed-minded to the people of color, or gender of those with talent who were among his team. And neither should we. God didn’t assign only certain races or gender or denomination or those with differing sexual orientation to help us. He can, and does, use any and all to help achieve His will, if we are allowing and open to what He has to give.

I’m so grateful He blessed mankind with a mind to even want to dream. To believe we could go to higher heights. To believe we could walk on the moon.

I pray we have that same courage and conviction to see our dreams idealize in our lives and manifest to things beyond what we ever dreamed imaginable.

I’m sure I must have been in a crib, or playpen, or high chair or somewhere nearby listening attentively when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon. But even if I wasn’t, it still got in my Spirit to dream big, and I thank God for that. Now I gots to get busy living!

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"The Everyday Me" is on Facebook. Be sure to visit and "Like" my page.

“The Everyday Me” is on Facebook. Be sure to visit and “Like” my page.



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