Experiencing God, the most life changing book I've ever read

Experiencing God, the most life changing book I've ever read
If you want to get know God in a more personal way, then I highly recommend this book. It changed my life!

In the preface of “Experiencing God,” authors Claude V. King and Henry Blackaby explain, like most authors, that they had no idea when they first published their work in 1976 the impact the book would have on the world. From then until now, generations of believers have been transformed by their book, and I too am one of them. While I can in no way speak for anyone, or everyone else who’s read it, (because millions have!), what I can say for me is that I am no longer the same person I was prior to reading their book. Simply put, I went from begging God to bless me with jobs and relationships and things, to thanking God for what He is actively doing in my life.

Can you believe that?

Now on the surface, this seems like a relatively simple and mundane act, but the fact is, the mind shift I experienced after reading this book has changed me in ways I never dreamed imaginable. (Kinda sounds like Ephesians 3: 20-21!)

But it goes even beyond my desires.

I am also a more loving, kind, courageous, confident woman of God because I know God loves me. I don’t have to question my salvation as if it’s on a seesaw any longer as if one bad thought, action, or deed can send me straight to hell.

God is far too gracious to be short-tempered. It’s simply not His nature.

With this process, you join in with God. You don't have to beg Him to act. He already is!

With this process, you join in with God. You don’t have to beg Him to act. He already is!

“Experiencing God” helped me develop a personal relationship with God so that I know without the shadow of a doubt that He is my friend, my advocate, my provider, my support, and even my silent partner. Yes, God can be quiet and not speak to me and it doesn’t mean He’s mad and insolent and I have fallen from grace. Now I know if He’s still then I need to be still. I now follow His lead versus striving to implore Him to act and do the things I think best.

Is it any wonder I spent years on drugs and in horrible relationships all the while in church every Sunday thinking something must be wrong with me and God just must not like me?!?!

Not any more.

Those days are over.

All thanks to this life changing book,”Experiencing God.”

Now, I can see the good in people, especially even the “worst” people because I know that is actively involved in their lives, they just may not be casting their attention toward Him…and it’s okay. They may be on a different time-plan than I am, but God is still actively involved and engaged in both our lives.

So I don’t have to fret.

But it’s even bigger than that.

By “Experiencing God” and looking for God’s activity in my life, this has even caused me to be more accepting and kind to others. The book didn’t say this, but I was left with an impression after reading it that people are like snowflakes in that we are all different and unique but in the end we all come from the same source. Knowing this, I don’t have to be racist or sexist or any form of any -ism because I know God is actively involved in everyone’s life.

Yes, even gay Christians.

And also, and even, our 45th President, Mr. Donald Trump.

What I mean by this is that people who don’t appear to have godliness, or those who others believe aren’t blessed with godliness, God loves them all, which means I can love them all.

I may not like all people.

I may not agree with all people.

But I have a fundamental truth actively working in my life which is God, who is actively working in my life, and in the lives of all others, to whatever extent they allow Him too.

So for those who block them out, it’s okay.

God is still working.

So for those who seem beyond ignorant and undeserving, it’s okay for them as well.

God is still working.

God is in sovereign.

God is in control.

What a relief to no longer think I am, or that He needs my life. All He needs is my willingness to be an open vessel to share and spread His love.

What a gift!

I thank God for the writers and the wisdom imparted to them to write “Experiencing God.” Thanks to them, I am alive. I am free. And I know I am loved for I am always actively attuned to be on the lookout so I can always be in the process and act of experiencing God.


















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