Can mountains really move? They can through prayer!

Can mountains really move? They can through prayer!
Prayer can cause mountains to move?

Have you ever felt like there was a mountain in front of you that there was no way possible you could get around or over it? Have you ever prayed so hard about something, not knowing how you would make it through? I have time and time again. Most often people relate this experience to finances, health challenges, relationships, or their career; or, if you’re like me, you see yourself having prayed through each and every one of those scenarios.  That has been my life story. Time and time again, God has answered my prayers in some incredulous way that I can only attribute my success, breakthrough, healing, or elevation to nothing other than the grace of God.

It’s a very comforting feeling to know there is a God who is loving and kind, attentively involved in my life.  I think without God, I just couldn’t make it.  There are too many trials and circumstances that of my own strength I can’t fix or repair, which is overwhelming to me. I’m a person who makes lists. I have to have a plan. I need a road map. I like to know how things are going to turn out in advance. But God doesn’t work like I do. I have come to learn to simply go with the flow. But that’s usually only after I’ve exhausted myself trying to fix, manage, and control things my own way. I recognize now we aren’t hardwired spiritually and emotionally to make it through life this way. We are designed to need God. He is designed to be here for us. Knowing that, I’ve learned to relax…some. But I still run myself crazy with my own antics at times because it seems, the bigger the problem, the more anxious I become, even though I know at the cognitive level that God is with me, but at the emotional level, my heart and soul just goes haywire.  And this is exactly what I’d done with my daughter’s college application process.

It’s amazing to me now, but just a few short months ago I blogged about my daughter and I being completely stressed out with the college application process. You can read about that here. I honestly didn’t know what would be the outcome. And here’s why I KNOW I NEED GOD, because GUILT is a powerful emotion that is life threatening. Guilt can cripple you and make you not want to get out of the bed. Guilt can kill you. At least that’s how heavy it feels for me. Each thought of “I should have done more,” or “I’m a lousy mom and I should have saved more,” or the most debilitating: “People pay to have kids and you have six daughters that you haven’t provided for like a good mother should.” That last one always brings me to my knees. I have been freely blessed with six amazing daughters when some people have to go through processes and procedures, but not me. My life story is, “Guess what family? I’m pregnant again.” 

Which takes me to the other silent, but deadly emotional killer: SHAME.

Without God, guilt and shame can drive you to drink, drive, and die.

But you see what I mean? By the grace of God, I am alive, in my “right” mind (my husband might debate this), happy, healthy, and whole. Just that alone is enough to have me sing loudly like the Spring birds in my backyard.

But wait.

This story gets even better.

Three days after we received my daughter's great news, I was at a women's spiritual retreat and reached into a basket of prayer cards and pulled a card out that had this scripture written on it...and broke down into tears. God is real! He wants me (and you) to know that!

Three days after we received my daughter’s great news, I was at a women’s spiritual retreat and reached into a basket of prayer cards and pulled a card out that had this scripture written on it…and broke down into tears. God is real! He wants me (and you) to know that!

You see, when I blogged about me and my daughter being stressed out just three short months ago not knowing anything about how we would get her to college, we have since seen a mountain move, crumble, dissipate, and disappear. God can move mountains through prayer!

What happened is this: my daughter not only got accepted to EVERY college she applied to, which were: Columbia College in downtown Chicago, Western IL U, Indiana State U, and Northern IL U, but she also received a FULL SCHOLARSHIP TO ASBURY UNIVERSITY, her #1 top school of choice.

Can you believe it?

Do you see what I mean?

God is real! God answers prayer! God can move mountains!

In February, when we seemed to be past every deadline, or I didn’t know how I would pay all the application fees, or for test score submissions, not to mention the daily tasks and responsibilities of raising four daughters on my family’s shrinking income but growing demands, my husband and I pressed our way week after week to church where we faithfully praise God and continually learn to rely on Him. We are so thankful for the love and support we receive through the ministries at the Salvation Army Kroc Center. I have grown up loving God, but now I am raising my daughters to know and love Him for themselves.

He is a Way Maker!

He is a Comforter!

He can toss mountains of worry, doubt, guilt, anxiety, shame, fear, finances, and failure right into the sea. In fact, He can make you turn around and look back at something you thought was insurmountable, only to find it doesn’t even exist.

Life is livable, enjoyable, and downright awesome when you know there is a God who loves you deeply.

Life is livable, enjoyable, and downright awesome when you know there is a God who loves you deeply.

There’s an old song my mother and grandmothers used to sing that I want to leave you with, and if you know it, you can sing it, and if you don’t, it’s okay. Somewhere someone is reading this and sending God’s love and faithfulness out into the atmosphere. It’s a simple song that asks three simple questions:

If it had



for the Lord

on my side?

Where would I be?

Where would I be?

If you are like me and you are facing something that you have no idea how you are going to get out, around, or through whatever it is, know this: God is real. And He answers prayers.

May the comfort of God keep you in perfect peace through the storms of life. He can rebuke the wind.  You and I are going to make it!

In Love,


Affirming: I live IN FITNESS and In Health! I am deeply loved, highly favored, and blessed beyond measure. I know there is a God, Elohim, the Creator of the Universe, who loves me, and I shall not lack nor fail. My name is victory! 

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