Fox TV's "Empire" Creates Controversy in Black Community

Fox TV's "Empire" Creates Controversy in Black Community
'Empire'--will you watch season two?

Love it or hate it, but Fox has struck a chord in the Black community with its new hit series “Empire”.  And is it any wonder, since the show is centered around the chaotic and controversial world of Hip Hop?  Created by the infamous Lee Daniels of “The Butler”, “Precious”, and “Monsters Ball”, Daniels has hit a nerve with Black folk once again.

As I watch my Facebook “friend’s” comments about the show, I am amazed at how enlightened viewers have become in finding the show offensive to Blacks. Many can’t believe that Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson would take on these roles, and so they shun this show–but maybe I have some folk mixed up, because I think these are some of the same people who sang vociferously, “It’s HARD out here for a pimp!”  from the Oscar winning soundtrack “Hustle and Flow”starring the same dynamic duo of Howard and Henson.  People claim they don’t like the show because it is a poor depiction of Black people. Really? Maybe I’m looking at a different show because they look quite rich to me!

“Why do we always show the negative side of Black life?” ask some.

“The lyrics of the songs are offensive,” say others.

“I will NOT support a program like this” they retort.

And hear me loud and clear: good for you. Voice your opinion. Do you!

Just do me a favor: BE CONSISTENT.

You talk about the offensive lyrics in hip hop songs on the show, but you L-O-V-E Olivia Pope and “Scandal.”

You can’t support a program that shows an empire created by the wealth of the Hip Hop industry, but you perpetuate and support the industry by listening to radio stations that play songs like  “Drunk in Love” with your old butt having the nerve to sing and swoon to Usher’s “Good Kisser.”


I am so sick and tired of people having something to say about one thing, and not seeing the own joke and hypocrisy of their own lives.

But you know what? Fine.

Don’t watch “Empire.”

Take your stand.

Exercise your right to free speech.

As you can see, I am exercising mine.

But then after you are done exercising your rights, actually get up and do some physical exercise.

Yes, you heard me correctly. Get up and do some for real moving around in the form of cardiovascular and muscular strength training.


Do your actions and beliefs align?

Do your actions and beliefs align?

Because while you’re mad about Black folk and Black music and Black culture, there’s an obesity epidemic running rampant in our Black community which we do have the power to control.

You may not be able to control what comes over the air waves, which by the way, hello, you do–CHANGE THE STATION!–You do have the power to control what goes into your mouth.

You wanna talk about the war on the streets but you don’t wanna deal with the war of the forks in your own hand. Don’t tell me about offensive lyrics when you won’t deal with your offensive gluttony and refusal to do something about your own health and habits. If the Surgeon General put a person in the form of a Jack-in-the-Box to jump up and tell you not to smoke, you still would. They have warned you. Taxed you. Even CVS stopped selling cigarettes to actually take and support a stance on health prevention.  I even recently met a woman who was a Cancer survivor which she suffered as a result of second-hand smoke.  And yet, many still smoke.  That, to me, is offensive.

And in case I wasn’t clear: I LOVE THIS NEW SERIES. I love seeing what the American dream creates for average, ordinary people.  Nobody opened up a door and said, “Lee Daniels, Terrence Howard, Taraji P. Henson, come on in! The door of opportunity is wide open to you.” No! They worked. They studied their craft. And they have worked to achieve their success just like each and every one of us has the opportunity to do. So to me, instead of “throwing shade” about this show, get up and let your light shine. The problem isn’t the speck in the eye of America. It’s the ten-foot-long and obvious planks in the eyes of others.

Don’t just talk about it. Be about it.

And, you can watch the Youtube clip of Three 6 Mafia winning the Oscar for their song “It’s Hard Out Here For a Pimp” and reflect on the night YOU cheered for them.

And you can catch me next Wednesday watching the third episode of “Empire.”

But as for right now, I’m about to go hit this gym. I pray you are motivated and inspired to create your own living legacy and empire for your family, as I am striving to create my own.



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Join my Facebook group for IFAIH and be sure to LIKE my page for more thought-provoking, inspirational fitness and health tips.

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