Mom of 6 responds to Maria Kang

Mom of 6 responds to Maria Kang
Addressing African-Americans at the African Arts Festival Summer 2013 and 2014, "Crime isn't the major killer in Chicago, obesity is."

Dear Maria Kang, I sat in the background and watched this debacle unfold about your picture on Facebook and felt it was high time I respond to you. So let’s just cut the chase and get right to the point because here is what I want to say to you: YOU GO GIRL!I can’t believe that women, people, the media, whoever the HATERS are, have the audacity to speak negatively to you and blame you for them being fat and in the predicament they are in. Let me take that back, I can believe it, because you know what? They blame me too.

I’m a mom of six daughters so you can imagine the disapproving looks I got for living the life of my dreams by going to Jamaica to teach fitness classes this past August, in a bikini no less! “Who exactly do I think I am?” is the question I get from others who think that it’s wrong for a wife and mom to be so scantily clad, and even more disgraceful for a Christian mom to walk around like that.

I'm a proud wife and mom of 6 who's living the life of my dreams--in a bikini

I’m a proud wife and mom of 6 who’s living the life of my dreams–in a bikini

But it’s okay for holy people to be fat?  It’s okay for people who are supposed to be saved, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Ghost to be a wide as the pews they warm every week? These are my million dollar questions I pose as a woman who loves the Lord to others who candidly oppose homosexuality, as if gluttony is not a sin.

They oppose Obama for instituting same-sex marriage and can’t see how ludicrous it would be, using THEIR arguments, if he were to follow such close-minded thinking by having a law to state that two fat people can’t be married. Now that touches a nerve!  And yet, I haven’t been able to have one intelligent conversation with someone in the clergy about this because the topic of obesity is too gargantuan, pun intended, to deal with. But I do. I say we deal with it, and now it is my life mission to help people get their “temples” in order, and one way we do that is to stop judging others and deal with the issues people have with themselves.But, I am so sick and tired of toxic people trying to infect those of us who are trying to be healthy with their poison. So now you’re an anti-feminist because some other woman who doesn’t feel good about herself tries to place her burdens on you? Please! You told everybody right in  your thank you letter posted on Facebook. And I especially appreciated the fact that you didn’t go into your past struggles because what difference does it really make, as if you or I have to justify being healthy. We are all on this same planet breathing the same air with the same 24 hours in a day and just like nobody was to blame for your past hurts and struggles, you are not the blame for their current ones.

We need more moms like you asking “What’s  your excuse?” with people willing to answer the question.

Maria Kang posted this picture on her website and has since received negative backlash.

Maria Kang posted this picture on her website and has since received negative backlash.

Like you, I have a past full of so many twists and turns in my life that I feel blessed to be able to try to help someone. Clearly,  you were not trying to hurt anyone. I know my being healthy is not meant to cause emotional harm to another. For anyone to even think that shows just how sick they really are.

I do wish I were blessed to have a scar-free abdomen like yours, but I have Crohn’s disease and when I was 21, I had major surgery to have a portion of my intestines removed. Then, in 1999, I carried twins full term at the age of 40, and had to have my first and only C-section in which I was cut both horizontally and vertically. So, I believe I have earned the right to wear whatever the heck it is I want to wear to celebrate my life and my body that God gave me, just as you have.

And if, for some bizarre reason, we have the power to create any spiral in our society, I pray it helps people spiral out of control in their thinking so that the truth of their reality comes bubbling to the surface of their minds that they don’t have to bury past hurts, mistakes, shames, abuses, or whatever else it is people stuff inside, with food.

I am proud to be a wife and mom of six daughters and will wear another bikini any chance I get because there is no excuse not to live one’s life to its highest  potential. And, if people don’t like the skin they’re in, then it’s nobody else’s responsibility to get them up off the couch or to help them refrain from making poor food choices but their own. Now people can stop calling you “a hateful, hurtful bully” because I’ve joined the playground with you, helping build happy, healthy, sandcastles of sexiness. Shame on others for picking on YOU!

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About me: I’m a wife, mom of six daughters, entrepreneur, fitness instructor, and blogger, which should have me exhausted by default, but, I press on to win the prize God has for me by helping others with practical strategies to live “In FITNESS and In Health.” In this blog you’ll find encouraging lessons and insights to keep you focused as you grow along your spiritual path, as well as funny stuff I feel led to write about.  Make sure you get these messages daily by simply filling out the Email Subscription box. It’s free and there’s no Spam and you can opt out at any time. Because I know what it feels like to be unhappy with how or looked or felt, I chose to do the Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge which helped my family with unbelievable results in less than year. I lost twenty pounds and dropped four dress sizes. My husband has lost about 50 pounds. And my mom you see below, has been on high blood pressure meds since I was about 11, and now, at 70+, she’s had her medication cut in half! We are so grateful for The Challenge and share it with everyone!

I know what it feels like to be overweight, underweight, and everything else in between, but I choose to live and affirm to be "In FITNESS and In Health"

I know what it feels like to be overweight, underweight, and everything else in between, but I choose to live and affirm to be “In FITNESS and In Health”

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