Be Covered Care Fair: A Success!

Be Covered Care Fair: A Success!
Holmes' quote reminds us of the best kind of exercise

Today in Chicago, thousands came out to learn about the new health care laws and made the Illinois Be Covered Care Fair a success. Held at Chicago Indoor Sports on 39th and Ashland, families, seniors, singles, and young adults all had something that could motivate, educate, and inspire them toward healthful living. For me personally, in my Facebook post I wrote, “I was born for this” because I was. It gives me so much joy and satisfaction knowing that I can really and truly help people get off high blood pressure meds and lower their sugar levels until diabetes is a thing of the past. Discussing someone’s health goals can be such a private, touchy subject, and yet, people will just pour their hearts out to you when they think you can help; and I’m glad I can.

Sometimes I see the desperation, hurt, or frustration people feel as they tell me they’ve “tried everything to get the weight off.” I can see that they really do want to change their diets, but it’s almost impossible to achieve a healthy lifestyle with portion sizes, quick meals on the go, and processed foods available everywhere. We live in an obesogenic society in which foods high in fats, carbs, salt, and sugar seems to be the norm. Thankfully, there were nutritious snacks served at today’s event, and many people walked away with free bags of food and free fruit. I am proud to partner with organizations like Be Covered who go out into the community to help.The work we are doing to change the health and fitness landscape in Chicago has been arduous, slow, and resistive. But we will chop down this tree of obesity, hypertension, and diabetes. In addition to my own personal fitness workouts, it is my more paramount life mission to work on this.

Focusing less on self and more on others means you are creating a worthwhile life.

Focusing less on self and more on others means you are creating a worthwhile life.

People are always so cute when they find out I’m a mother of six daughters and it gives them hope that they can achieve their goals. I never thought that my life choices could have the power to help and inspire so many others, but it seems that that is the case. When I think about how God took me, a teenage mom who was a HS drop out, and then turned my life around by having me to earn not one, but two degrees from DePaul University, I am amazed. Then to go on to become a fitness enthusiast and earn a second degree in health and fitness is beyond anything I ever saw myself doing.  But all of that was preparation for the kind of work I did today.

As I stood there looking into the eyes of others who desperately want to do something about their health, I could respond from a place of understanding because I have been there.   I know what it’s like to be bone-rail thin on the brink of death, or to be so overweight that my pants were so tight I thought my feet would “fall asleep” from poor circulation. I know what it feels like to look in the mirror and not like what I saw, which is why I gave up my entire Sunday afternoon to go share with people that there is hope. You can achieve your health and fitness goals by making some simple changes.

You always get the rude person who could never do this, or doesn’t want to do that, and that’s okay too. As I told a few people, to each his own. But to the masses, they were hopeful and excited, and so was I.

We don’t have to suffer from being overweight, fatigued, and sick. We don’t have to change the whole cycle of life by burying our kids from preventable health-related diseases. And we also don’t have to fill a void with unhealthy foods to try to stuff away whatever hurts, pain, regrets, or issues we have. Making one change in life by moving toward something healthy is a start, and that’s why the Be Covered Care Fair was a success. People showed up to learn about the new health plans and receive assistance and I was inspired by them. People came and met me and heard my story and they said I inspired them. When an event can create that kind of synergy, that’s a success. I WAS born for this.


As part of today’s Be Covered Care Fair, I was there representing the Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge which has personally helped me to get off all high blood pressure medications, drop four dress sizes, my husband has now lost just about fifty pounds, and my mother who’s had a stroke and abdominal aortic aneurism also has had her blood pressure acquiesced after sixty years on medication. As a matter of fact, my mother is in Italy at this very moment still enjoying great health and happiness in large part due to the nutrition offered in the BBV Challenge. For more information about The 90-Day Challenge, feel free to visit my website at

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