9/11 Nonsense: Spare Me

The 9/11 nonsense I speak of is not at all what you are thinking. You see, I have no insider tips on terrorism, what the President did or did not know, or if the Illuminati planned the demise and destruction of our country. There are a plethora of conspiracy theorists who have their views on why our country was attacked, and there are hundreds, thousands, and millions of people whose lives were impacted on this tragic day. Like any other caring American and human being, I relive the pain of this day and will never imagine the grief many families feel for their loss. I truly am bereft for words to express my compassion and sympathy to those who lost loved ones. I pray their strength and healing.

The attack on America rages on with the obesity epidemic

The attack on America rages on with the obesity epidemic

No. The 9/11 nonsense I speak of is the hypocrisy I hear spoken not just in remembrance of this day, but every day as we deal with the unspoken war raging savagely across this nation. You hear people say, “We gotta appreciate each day.” Or, “No day is promised.” And, “We have to be grateful,” and yet, I watch as people continue to kill themselves one meal, soda, snack, and cigarette at a time.

It’s so easy to jump on a bandwagon of what the President should be doing. Or be mad about what our government didn’t do to protect us. Or place blame on anyone other than oneself because as long as the focus is not on self, you don’t really have to deal with issues. And that makes me angry, yet it’s not because I don’t have compassion for others as they journey through this space-time-continuum getting to know themselves and uncovering their purpose. No, I get that. Believe you me. I was not always some health guru. As a matter of fact, I don’t even consider myself as being one now. There have been times in my life that I was a total and complete mess. So I get it. Enlightenment is a process.

What gets on my nerves is that being healthy has somehow become offensive. Just yesterday, I’m in Target with my two teen daughters and we walk directly in toward two young women, who couldn’t have been older than legal drinking age, and they had on the world’s shortest and tightest shorts and tank tops which might sound like this would have been appealing and/or flattering had they not been about 50 pounds overweight and poster children for how-to-get-a-yeast infection-by-wearing-tight-non-breathable-clothing-in-90-degree-heat.  So as you can now imagine, this was no pretty picture.

Never mind that my daughters and I walked into the store and into their midst and we didn’t ask for this experience; the killer was that the girls rolled their eyes at me! Now if this were an isolated incident, I would say these girls just had some issues, or that maybe I just imagined it, and would have just kept it moving. But nooooo. This is a pattern. This is a regular occurrence and it goes a little like this…

I wear fitness clothing and look like I exercise which somehow in the mind of the unfit person offends them, and they give me the energy to match it. The irony! I see more women with tight leggings and every indentation of their cellulite coursing down the backs of their legs. I see more women with stomachs that look like buttocks so you can’t tell if they’re coming or going, with midriff shirts on. And I see triceps bigger than quads and tattoos stretched out and decorated across body parts I never cared neither desired seeing. And these same women talk about valuing life and find 9/11 to be a tragedy!

Really? You think terrorism is tragic and yet you gorge yourself with fried foods, sugar, salt, nicotine, and alcohol? Really? You think the government should do something about the crime in Chicago and send in the National Guard to protect us, in spite of the fact that you literally can not reach your own private parts to bathe yourself and you want some external forces to protect you in the street? Please!

Don’t pay me, the victims, or this country any lip service by trying to feed me any more nonsense. As a matter of fact. Do radically LESS with anything regarding your lips or feeding. You want to pay respect to the families or those impacted by 9/11? Take care of yourself. Honor your own tower. Go deep within yourself and deal with the Al Qaeda raging war in your mind that forces you to overindulge in destructive habits. That will clean up our streets and our hearts. And then I’ll believe you really care about others because you show you care about yourself. Otherwise, spare me of your nonsense. And spare everyone else too and use every ounce of energy to focus on rebuilding your own tower. In spite of the negative energy you give me, I believe you are worth it.


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