Where do push ups, pull ups, plank, and pizza go together?

Where do push ups, pull ups, plank, and pizza go together? In the wacky world of Planet Fitness.  It reminds me of the Sesame Street game where three things belonged together and one just wasn’t the same. Sure, on the surface one might imagine a nice healthy veggie pizza made with fresh toppings and a robust, zesty sauce as a post-workout power food. But that’s not the kind I’m talking about at all. I’m talking about the pizza that’s so greasy the container has spots with balls of sausage and dripping cheese. And it’s that very kind that I see served regularly at the gym where I workout.

Now don’t get me wrong. I believe that we can enjoy certain foods in moderation. But I just really don’t get it! We encourage people to go out and exercise, and then, when they get to the gym, they are bombarded by stacks of pizzas at the door?

We live in an obesogenic society that promotes fast and quick processed foods and then run commercials to show you all the prescription drugs to help with hypertension, diabetes, arthritic joint pain, poor circulation, night sweats, leg cramps, and on and on. My heart goes out to people who struggle with these issues, and yet at the same time, I watch incredulously when I go out to dinner and see families order appetizers, entrees, sugar-laden drinks, dinner rolls,  and desserts, and then waddle away.

I am so sick and tired of people talking about the crime rate in Chicago when there’s a rampant war raging with utensils and mouths.  People want President Obama to do something about crime. “Send in the National Guard. Stop the violence!” they demand. But who’s going to stop people from putting forks to face? Who’s going to control the war on chips, pops, candy, and fast food?

I’m not one for discussing problems without solutions, but this one’s a doozey because it requires people to actually DO something for themselves. It’s one thing to blame the government. Blame your  parents for your upbringing. Blame the community. Blame teachers. Blame churches. Blame all these external factors. It’s an entirely different level of accountability to take responsibility for one’s own actions. For there to be a change in our society, we need to do both.

We can stop serving unhealthy snacks. We can! There is no reason a gym should be serving pizza without AT LEAST providing healthier options. We can make this a major topic of discussion just like people have with gay marriage. I have still yet to find ONE religious person who can so adamantly point out how homosexuality is a sin, and therefore (in their minds) gay marriage is an abomination to God, and yet these very people ignore the same scriptures that show that gluttony is a sin as well. I’m waiting on the day for someone to be as vocal by decreeing that two fat people should not be married; but then most of these religious, political zealots wouldn’t have a congregation or supporters because the majority of them and their spouses are, dare I say, fat.

But that’s an even bigger topic than the people themselves. (Ba-room Ting!)

All I’m saying is, if we really want to promote health and wellness, let’s provide healthier meal options and not turn a blind eye to the obesity epidemic that plagues people of all ages and races. We learned at a very young age that if three of the things belong together and one isn’t the same, it doesn’t belong. And this is the case here. I’m sorry. Push ups, pull ups, plank, and greasy pizza just don’t match. It’s really just that simple.

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