Sharon Matten lives in the awesome city of Chicago and is incredibly excited to write for Chicago Now!   Sharon is the author of everydaygluten-free.com where we talk about Living Life as a GFE (Gluten Free Eater)…and it's all Kosher too!  Sharon has been writing for and about the Gluten Free Eater (GFE) since 2011!!

Sharon also writes koshereveryday.com, is a Kosher Food Writer and Blogger, Cable TV guest Chef, Cooking Demonstrator, Freelance Pastry Chef, Wilton Instructor, Cookbook Contributing Editor, Electrical Engineer, Wife and Mom (not in order of importance!).  Sharon has also written for the Chicago Tribune Syndication, Mid-Atlantic Media Syndication, Aish.com, and Mishpacha Magazine, and kosher.com.  Whew!

To get more great recipes, and to find out more information about Sharon Matten go to www.everydaygluten-free.com, or follow her on Instagram @Everydaygluten_free.  You can also email Sharon at sharon@everydaygluten-free.com  I look forward to hearing from you!!

BTW...in case you were wondering Sharon lives with her family, their guinea pig Puffball, and several glow in the dark fish.

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