Shabbos Under Pressure is Here!!

Shabbos Under Pressure is Here!!
My brand new book!!!

I’m incredibly excited to tell you that my new book “Shabbos Under Pressure” is finally here!

My brand new book!!!

My brand new book!!!

This is the ultimate Electric Pressure Cooker Kosher Cookbook!  

The recipes in this cookbook offer a tantalizing blend of traditional and not so traditional, written with easy to follow, step-by-step language. Each recipe is paired with beautiful, full-color photographs of completed dishes. Sprinkled throughout, you’ll find welcome time saving ideas, personal stories and delightful anecdotes.

While Shabbos Under Pressure is not specifically a gluten free cookbook, nearly every recipe in the book has a method for making it gluten free. The recipes and tips in Shabbos Under Pressure work for every brand of Electric Pressure Cookers.

  • Over 70 time saving recipes and full-color photos
  • Suggestions and advice for using your Electric Pressure Cooker
  • Clear instructions with highlighted portions, so you don’t miss an important step
  • Comprehensive terms and tools in super-useful sections for all users
  • Lay-flat pages for easy reading and use

So…all of the recipes (except 2 – challah and noodle kugel) can be made gluten free!  How cool is that?

I wrote a HUGE article about this book on my other site Kosher Everyday.  Here is a link to that article:

Shabbos Under Pressure is HERE!

You can purchase Shabbos Under Pressure on Amazon and local Jewish Book Stores around the world!

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You can also find out more information and updates at !

Thanks so much for your support and encouragement!!!

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