Blintz Recipe Roundup - 20 Incredibly Awesome Gluten-Free Blintz Recipes!!

Blintz Recipe Roundup - 20 Incredibly Awesome Gluten-Free Blintz Recipes!!

I love making blintzes.  It’s kind of a thing.  

I’ve been creating new blintz recipes for around 100 years or so.  Maybe not 100 years, but a really really long time.  I’m sharing my absolute favorites with you, and some fabulous ones that were created by fellow blintz magicians.


Note: If there is a call for flour in any of the recipes, substitute your favorite gluten-free flour blend.

The following blintz recipes were developed by none other than yours truly:

1. Expo Cheese Blintzes (Sharon Matten)


2. Classic Blintz filling (Sharon Matten)

Classic Cheese Blintzes

3. Greek Yogurt Blintzes (Sharon Matten)

Greek Yogurt Blintzes

4. Smoked Salmon and goat cheese with sour cream dill sauce and chives (Sharon Matten)


5. Kid Friendly Pizza Blintzes (Sharon Matten)

Pizza Blintz

6. I’m not eating Dairy on Shavuot Blintzes with Non Dairy Cream Sauce (Sharon Matten)


7. Classic Blintz Souffle (Sharon Matten)

8. Caramel and Mascarpone Blintzes with Caramelized Sugar topping and Caramel Cream (Sharon Matten)


9. Tiramisu Dessert Blintz with Coffee Cream (Sharon Matten)


10. Grilled Hot Dog Blintzes (Sharon Matten)

11. Sweet Potato Blintzes with Nutmeg Cream and Pecan Topping (Sharon Matten)

12. Spicy Mozzarella Blintzes (Sharon Matten)

Spicy Mozzarella Blintzes

13. Brisket Egg Roll Blintzes (Leah Schapira – Passover Made Easy)

Brisket Egg Roll Blintzes

14. Spanish Speaking Blintzes(¡Blintzes para Todos!)


I get by with a little help from my friends:


15. Susan Barocas Cheese Blintzes

16. Taste of Home Gluten Free Breakfast Blintzes

17. Vegan and Gluten Free Potato Blintzes

18. The Bojon Gourmet: chestnut cheese blintzes with cranberry applesauce {gluten-free}

19. Delish Lena Abraham Cheesecake Eggrolls (a.k.a. Blintzes)

20. Big Oven Gluten Free Blintz Souffle

So…what are YOUR favorite Blintz Recipes????  Share them in the comments below!  I might even add them to this post (maybe!!)….


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