What's Your Eastland Story?

Our Community Manager, Jimmy Greenfield, has been encouraging us Chicago Now bloggers to interview one or some of our readers. That’s an inspiring idea, one that holds special significance for this particular blog. Last week’s starting revelation of those long-lost Eastland film clips brought the 1915 disaster into today’s headlines and helped to broaden Chicago’s awareness of the upcoming 100th anniversary in July. The Eastland suddenly became a hot topic. More and more people seemed to talking about the tragedy and maybe some even revealed their own family’s personal connection to the story.

Do you have an untold Eastland story? Some nugget of history that has become part of your family lore? Is there Eastland memorabilia tucked away in Grandpa Horace’s basement? Perhaps Great Uncle Stanislaus drove an ambulance, delivering corpses from the wharf to the makeshift morgue at the Second Regiment Armory? Was your mother’s third cousin, Miles, a priest who offered absolution to those trapped in the flooded hull? Maybe your neighbor two doors down retired from Western Electric Hawthorne Works and heard many Eastland stories from old employees over his decades of service at the company. Whatever your story, we’d love to hear it.

If you’d like to be interviewed on this blog in the coming weeks, please leave me a message in the comment section below. I promise to go easy on you, so don’t worry. The process will be painless and fun, and hopefully, educational for everyone who reads this blog.

Thank you for returning week after week, and I look forward to hearing your tales. As always, Remember the 844.

To read last week’s blog on the discovery of the lost Eastland clips with a link to the films: www.chicagonow.com/everyday-eastland/2015/02/chicago-buzzing-with-eastland-news/

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