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Eastland Nearly Killed Da Bears!

Eastland Nearly Killed Da Bears!
How could a hundred-year-old ship derail our own Monsters of the Midway? Well, in two words – no, better four words – George “Papa Bear” Halas. Born George Stanley Halas in Chicago on February 02, 1895 to working-class parents, Barbara and Frank J. Halas, George was the youngest of four surviving children. His father, Frank,... Read more »

Remember the 844 ...

At approximately 7:29 AM on a dreary, drizzly Saturday morning 99 years ago today, the SS Eastland, loaded with 2570 people (2500 passengers, 70 crew/vendors) capsized in the murky, disease-laden Chicago River. By 7:31 AM, the steamer had come to rest on the river bottom in only 20 feet of water. Within minutes, 844 souls perished. 22... Read more »

Eastland Memorabilia

There is only one place in America to find a permanent collection of memorabilia from the SS Eastland – and that’s at the Center for History in Wheaton, IL. This beautiful little museum boasts a varied display of historical photos, clothing, newspapers, personal artifacts, and incredible recordings from the last remaining survivors (sadly they are gone now). I caught my... Read more »

Eastland Disaster - Chicago's Best Kept Secret

Ask any Chicagoan what’s this city’s greatest disaster and 90% of those polled will say the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. For the most part, they’d be right. The fire raged for days, killed hundreds of people, and devastated over 3 square miles of the city. But Chicago had another disaster a few decades later that took more... Read more »