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Go Now! Advice From a Three Year Old

My grandson just turned 3. Oh what joy to be three again! I could repeatedly run around in circles; from the kitchen, the dining area, through the living room, down the hall and back to the kitchen, and then jump into the arms of a happy grandparent when I was done. Then, laughing, sweating, throwing... Read more »

And That's the Day Everything Changed

Everybody has days in their lives that remain so firmly in mind that it’s like rewinding a movie or video every time you think about it. For me, this particular day is that day; the day everything changed. It started out like any other day. I went to work about 9:00, bringing my son along... Read more »

I'm Still Living My Favorite Childhood Memories

The Blogapalooza challenge for December asks us to write about our favorite childhood memories.  For me, that always revolves around one place – the family cabin in Northern Wisconsin. My dad bought this cabin in 1959 after we had spent several summers at a resort next door. It was just a little hunting shack with... Read more »

Life's Greatest Blessing

A while back a friend gave me a photo frame that says “Family” on it, and then the sentence “the love of a family is life’s greatest blessing“. I have a picture in it of my mom, step-dad, my sibs and all of our children at the time. There are 18 people in the photo... Read more »

Going Up North - Ceremonial Journey to My Piece of Heaven

It’s that very special time of year again, when many Midwesterners head “up north”, to those mystical places that we yearn for in the winter, and where we can never spend enough time during the summer. We leave the flatlands and humidity of Illinois behind for the rolling woodlands, cool blue lakes, and the crisp clear air... Read more »

First Apartment is the Memorable Home Sweet Home

  “Write about a favorite or memorable place you have lived for any time at all, whether a country, state, city, childhood home, fraternity/sorority, hostel, hotel or even bedroom.”  – Blogapalooza Topic 4-30-14 What a great blog topic!  The place that immediately came to mind was my first apartment after I graduated from college. It... Read more »

Best Friends Forever

Life is very complicated these days. Everybody knows that. Between jobs, kids activities, family obligations, and so much more, most of us barely get the simple things accomplished each day. We remember to eat when our stomach growls and the laundry needs to be done because we run out of underwear, but a lot of... Read more »

Shirley Temple Inspired Two Generations of Girls With Her Talent

I just got back from visiting my Mom in Florida. It was a good visit.  We talked about lots of things, past and present, and the subject of Shirley Temple’s recent death came up. Mom and Shirley were contemporaries, born in the same month, a couple of years apart.  Mom had a Shirley Temple doll, a... Read more »

Final Battle for One of the Greatest Generation

I recently returned from visiting my mother and stepfather in Florida. My stepfather, Carl, had a stroke about a year ago, and has been in the nursing home ever since. And while his body is not functioning as he would like, and he has trouble completing his thoughts verbally,  his mind is not impaired. It... Read more »

What Grandchildren Teach Us

I didn’t understand. Not really. My friend, Mary, said it best several years ago. “I don’t see what the big deal is all about. People just go on and on about their grandchildren and it’s not that big of a deal!!” Well, that was before she had any grandchildren and before I did. Now she... Read more »