Forever Friends: Some of The Best Companions For Life's Journey

It was a very good week! We had four separate visits with Forever Friends!

We had dinner with our furniture friends on Sunday. Tuesday, it was lunch with my best friend from high school and her husband, visiting from Florida. Thursday was a visit from my college roommate from Wisconsin, and Saturday was a college class reunion (my 45th, which does not seem possible) and visits with a variety of college friends.

Our furniture friends are considering retirement from their furniture store and we closed down the restaurant that night, not the first time that has happened among the four of us. The discussions centered on what retirement would look like for them, where they might live, and how it has worked for us after we retired. Sharing a small business experience like we have with them has made a permanent bond that we treasure.

My high school buddy and I reminisced about old times, old friends and how our kids are doing. Lynn and I met when we were 10 in 5th grade church camp. We celebrated our high school graduation together, went off to college together, and although we moved off in our separate ways, she was at the funeral when my father died, and we see each other every few years. More than 55 years have not dimmed our connection.

My college roommate, Marilyn, and I talked about good friends, siblings, parents, kids, and “deep” thoughts about all kinds of things, just like we did late into the night so many years ago. Our friends, classmates, acquaintances and experiences have overlapped so much over the years, that we can often just say a first name and remember all the back story that goes with it.

The classmates from Saturday night talked about the crazy things we did in college. Kids these days have never had a panty raid, more’s the pity, or gone streaking. We caught up on what has happened since the last time we met, how the college has changed, and our plans for the future. After all the shared experiences we have had, that night I still discovered things about some of them that I had never known!

I can’t believe how lucky this week made me feel.  I’m old enough to realize that life is short and good friends can be hard to come by, but young enough to revel in these visits and look forward to the next ones. Most of us have our health, means enough to live comfortably, sorrows enough to be wiser than we were so many years ago, and expectations of good years ahead that will include more visits together. We mourned the people who no longer can celebrate reunions with us and we shared news about friends who couldn’t  join us that evening.

We didn’t see the wrinkles and the gray hair, we saw 18-year old kids meeting for the first time, the same way we will always see each other. There was still a sense of adventure and wonder, and the anticipation of what may lie ahead. It will surely be different adventures than we had in college, but when you travel through life with Forever Friends you will always have good times. If you have friends like that, make plans to get together soon.


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