Go Now! Advice From a Three Year Old

My grandson just turned 3. Oh what joy to be three again! I could repeatedly run around in circles; from the kitchen, the dining area, through the living room, down the hall and back to the kitchen, and then jump into the arms of a happy grandparent when I was done. Then, laughing, sweating, throwing myself around I would collapse in giggles on the floor. Then hop up and do it all over again! Endlessly! What a thrill that would be and Cody sees it as just that thrilling.

He politely waited through lunch and pictures (actually he was distracted by the lunch and endured the pictures),  and then dove right into the presents, opening each one neatly, setting it aside and going on to the next one. Three-year-olds get a lot of gifts when grandparents are involved. Later he went back to the favorites, a garbage truck and a bag of plastic insects, and then asked for the others to be taken out of the plastic one by one so he could play with the new game, the blocks, and the Legos, and sit in his own personal adirondack chair.

After a wonderful afternoon of cookies with candles (Cody doesn’t like cake), laughter, balloons and photos, we were ready to leave. Cody does not like anyone to leave. The party should go on until he passes out and no one should go home. (Hmmm, what does this predict for his teen-age years?) He thinks people could sleep in the extra bedroom or on the floor in his room. He just loves a party.

But we were headed up north and innocently asked Cody if he would like to go up north to the lake with us. Big mistake. He said “YES! Go Now?” We explained he could come another time, but he kept shouting “Go Now!” Then he ran into his room, grabbed some clothes out of a drawer, raced to the back door to find his shoes and GO NOW!. He knew it was a long ride, but he had some extra clothes, maybe his pajamas, and he was good to go. We promised him he could go the next time. But he wasn’t happy about it.

The older I get, the more I realize “GO NOW” is the best advice in the world. Whether the “going” is to a play or a concert, to church, to see a sick friend, to the library, the grocery store,  or around the world, or up north,  the time to go is truly NOW! What are you waiting for? The years are not endless and the joys are fleeting. Going anywhere is always preferable to staying home.

I know there are always the adult constraints of time, money, or health, but the people we love may not be around when we have the “time” to go. We may not have the good health to go, and many of us don’t have the finances to go the way we might like or where we might like or as often as we might like.

But the advice is still good. Go sooner rather than later, go as often as you can, and run around everywhere until you fall down from exhaustion. Grab a change of clothes, get out the door, and enjoy the world, the people and the places you love, and make memories to last forever – for when you really can’t “GO” anymore.


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