How to De-Stress and Enjoy Life More (or Enjoy More Life!)

downloadI started to read an article about a start-up tech company this morning, because I like to be informed. But it didn’t take more than a couple of sentences and I was totally lost and had no idea what the company was supposed to do or how it was supposed to do it.

And then it came to me. I really didn’t care! I always thought it would be “good for me” to struggle with the jargon and do my best to understand all the techy details, because then I would not succumb to old age and stop learning new things. I would be able to make informed decisions about which laptop was best for me, whether I needed a Nook or a Kindle, or how to fix my desktop when it locked up, or refused to make any Windows updates (literally spent MONTHS on that!!)

But here’s the deal.  I still have soooo many things to learn about life, people, relationships, my God, my family, my friends, how to grow blue hydrangeas, —well, you get the picture, —that I really don’t have to pretend I understand or even care about all that technical stuff ! We all have only so much time in this world, and I realize I have better things to do than understand the differences between Windows RT and Windows 8.1.

There are just too many details these days. No one can keep them straight in their mind, so my new philosophy is to not even bother to try. If I really need to know something, I can google it, ask someone I know, take a class, or consciously make a choice to not give a rap.

Instead I will spend my time enjoying the beauty of the outdoor world, cultivating the old and new friendships I have so graciously been given, reading good books, travel near and far, and just de-stress and enjoy each day I have.

Whew! I already feel better just making that choice. How liberating!!
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