Follow-up to the job situation.

I have good news and I have bad, which one do you want first? I’ll give you the bad news, well, bad news to me. Many of you may not agree as some of you let me know in the comments in the “Why I Secretly Hope I lose My Job,” post last month. My... Read more »

This post is not in the vein of the "everyday a vacay" flavor, so what! I do get deep sometimes.

Their little faces were frozen in time. Pale. Zombie-like. The last breath they took. Some with their eyes and mouths still open. I wonder do they see God or just black. The black nothingness like when you sleep. My stomach feels tight to the point of ache because I am upset. My eyes are misty... Read more »

Why I secretly hope I lose my job!

Last week, the Director of Breast Imaging made a special trip to our office to give a “heads up” to my coworker and I that we could be losing our jobs in the near future. Now, some may have been devastated by this news but me, well, I was doing a little “happy dance” inside.... Read more »

Why I secretly hope I lose my Job!

This post was sent out before it was finished. I accidentally hit the publish button. Sorry.

So, you made it through the Winter, now what?

Whooooo, so glad that’s over. I’m talking about winter. Short days and short tempers. Cold nights and cold hearts. People seem to be “crabbier and mean” during this season, myself included but we made it through. Now what? Time to Spring clean, declutter, get rid of useless shit not only in your closet but in... Read more »

View from an airplane window seat!

I love this view. This is the cruise stage or (stall) right before the landing. Not to high or to low just right. And, while gazing out the window in awe, I realized this was the perfect view for any new and/or existing relationships in my life. A few thousand feet higher and I couldn’t... Read more »

I shoulda been working on my novel but instead I wrote this blog!

It’s about 8:58 a.m., this Wednesday morning and I’m at work. I usually take this time to do a little writing on my novel in progress, 3 1/2 years in progress to be exact. I don’t feel bad about that. J K Rowling said it took her five years to finish the first Harry Potter... Read more »

Get A PET!

There’s nothing like the loyalty and affection of a little furry friend. I grew up with cats. My brothers, sister and I, would find some stray in the alley and bring it home and beg my parents to keep it. They would always say yes and it became a part of the family. When I... Read more »

Go to a casino!

Cha ching! I love that sound. Just heard it recently in Palace Casino in Edmonton, Canada.  I won a few dollars, not enough to quit my day job but let’s just say I came out ahead. Nothing puts me in a vacay state of mind than hittin-up a casino. I never knew much about casino’s... Read more »

Make the end-of-summer feel like a "vacay" by attending a festival!

I LOVE summer festivals, strolling amongst hordes of slow-walking people like a scene from the walking dead. The aroma’s that permeate the air of something edible being BBQ’d, and sipping on a cold beverage preferably a “brewski” of some sort attracts me every time. Sunday, I went to the Renegade Craft Festival. No entry fee.... Read more »