Being a Dad is no different than a career in special events

As my daughter reaches 9 months old this week, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are many parallel experiences between being a new Dad and having a career in special events. While the connection might not be immediately apparent I think the over-arching theme here is that as a Dad it’s my responsibility to create positive and meaningful experiences for my family.  That’s not very different from my professional responsibilities. Below are (10) other reasons why I think a career in special events isn’t that much different than being a new Dad:

#1 – Nothing ever goes as planned.  Inevitably there’s an untimely “dirty diaper” which completely derails the entire plan.

#2 – Timing of food is really… I mean REALLY important.  When the food’s not ready on time, someone blows up.

#3 – Communication is paramount.  Hands down the only way to keep peace is solid communication.   One forgotten facet quickly turns into a full-on tragedy of errors.

#4 – Nobody wants to hear about the details, like the incorrect consistency of the tissue paper for the goody bags or the differences of heating a bottle over the stove versus the Cuisinart bottle warmer.  Nobody cares.

#5 – Both jobs require nights and weekends.

#6 – It’s considered a best practice to post on social media the mere “seconds” of a perfect moment in the hope that everyone will believe this is how wonderful it is all of the time.

#7 – Friends and family all want the VIP pass.

#8 – Preparing for movement requires a plan, a checklist, a pre-meeting, a group huddle, advance reconnaissance and permission to proceed.

#9 – Without a mutually agreed upon budget as well as practical cost saving measures financial ruin is eminent.

#10 – Patience, humility and thoughtfulness go a long way in both scenarios.


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